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Why Are Body Part Splits Better?

i have a simple question,
why is it better to do diffrent body parts on diffrent days, than do all the body parts on every workout?
some says to do every part every day while others say to split parts.
what is the myth behind this?

To keep it simple: you can only do so much in any given gym session. Not only would you be there all day, but you’d be doing so much work that the stress in your body (“every workout can add cumulative stress to your body”) would run you down.

Obviously you could employ sessions where you do less work (exercises and sets) for each muscle group and get results from that. There are excellent “full body”, “abbreviated” or even just simple A/B approaches. Most intermediate and more bodybuilding focused trainers though benefit from more split plans because they can make use of greater exercise selections and volume per training day.



It is a lot simpler for serious bodybuilding to do single sessions for body parts. For example, if you go in and train chest, you might want to hit a couple compound movements and a few different fly movements making sure you get in some incline, decline, and flat work while focusing on weaknesses and hitting a specific volume target. That’s really easy to do in a single session. You just do those things. However if you are trying to do those same things over a week at the same time as accomplishing similar goals for 6 other muscle groups, it is decidedly more complicated. You can do it, it just takes way more planning.


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