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Why are Banks and Corporations Allowed to Rob People....


And its ok? But if someone does it to a bank or corporation its "wrong" and "immoral"? A multi billion dollar bank cheats and gouges people by charging them high fees etc is ok, but a man who may rob a bank because he's in a desperate situation is a criminal when

  1. The banks money is insured
  2. Because its insured, the bank isnt losing anything because its going to get it back


Because money somehow got placed above everything else.

Corporate criminals (when caught) face more jail time than rapists.


Is the OP actually unable to distinguish between money earned by a contractual agreement that a person voluntarily (even if stupidly) agreed to, but which he thinks is too much money to earn, versus that stolen without a person's consent?

Maybe so: that would be the case for some.

Whether so or not, it's not worth debating. The answer is as clear-cut as what follows from considering what I just wrote above, if able to reason such things. If unable, no amount of discussion will get the job done. So, finis.


hey Bill, have a chance to check the garage yet? :wink:


bad analogy is bad


Bill, you will have to excuse clip11. He is "special".


op you retarded?

Is it ok to rape a women if
1. The woman is on the pill
2. Because she is on the pill, she won't get pregnant.

get the fuck outta here OP


Whoa there slappy. It's okay... No need to bring rape into this pool of fail.


Thats the problem...they're never caught because they steal legally.


How is rape significant to this....


When someone robs a bank, I actually support the "bad guy". I hope that they escape. The banks get over on the little guy all the time, it would do my heart glad to see the little guy get over onthem just once.


This is some funny ass shit OP. I haven't heard of any bank or corporation forcing anybody to do anything. Robbing and stealing from people is a right only held by the US government. Perhaps you've heard of it. It is called taxation.


Because we live in a ploutocracy not a real democracy.


Jeeeesus ... just another product of the public education system ... there should be more of the "stolen" taxation money spent on funding a better education system rather than more money for welfare and there'd be a.) less people on welfare therefore less of a "need" for it and b.) less conversations like this.

Clip, here's the difference: People GO INTO BANKS WILLINGLY to DEPOSIT their money by means of their own free will in hopes that at best the bank offers an interest rate that will allow their money to grow. How the banks are able to do this is by lending the money you deposit to other people who then use that money to purchase things such as capital or assets. Here's the catch, it costs money to borrow money from banks. It's called interest and it's a percentage of how much money the borrower owes. There is interest on the money that the bank borrowed from you, too. All of this is assuming that the end borrower can pay back the money along with the cost (interest) of borrowing. In return, the money you deposited grows a certain percentage as promised by the bank. That's the gist of it.

A person who walks into the bank and forces, through promise of violence, the bank to hand over your deposited money interrupts the process or lending and borrowing.

I can tell today's going to be a great day!


Ha, I didn't even know that one would need the educational system to teach that.. It's so simple, and should be tought at... Birth.


haha ... you don't get out much do you?


Well, it's common knowledge over here in Denmark.. We don't go about being all MAD at the banks for loaning us money, with interests..

But then again.. No. I don't get out much.


I think he's referring to the recent trend of big corporations ripping people off stealing their 401 K money and just in general Leaving people robbed of their Life's savings, starting with Enron?

I see what he's saying, these people lost everything they had. No more money, no more dreams, no more youth to save it up again. You're now broke, old, unemployed and starting at 0. Where's the justice? Sure some exec will go for a few years to some jail and be released. His group will have 10's of millions hidden and live comfortably as you the little guy can contemplate suicide. It is the way of the recent times.

And don;t ever think the money is recovered. Madoff stole billions. Rest assured his family will still be rich. If the Nazis till this day have protected accounts that no amount of international pressure can force the swiss banks to give them up. If they do, it's because they want to AND after decades of pressure.


He was making an analogy to your statement. Think about it for a second?


That is not entirely true, banks have that right too. It is called fractional reserve banking.