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Why are All of the Training Logs Here?


As an older man, this forum used to be pretty useful to me. its now become almost exclusively training logs with some useful info thrown in. Its not worth the trouble to read the training logs to get useful information anymore.

there must have been a reason that the website created two forums.


Hi, I think its because all us old guys like to stick together. I know I put more in my thread/log than just my lifts. Most of us do, its our own version of facebook without the kids.


It is impossible to sustain an aggressive lifter's lifestyle without support. Most of us older guys have no where else to go for it. The serious lifters in the gym are all kids, and the other 40-something career people and parents we hang around with don't lift. We are very few and far between, and we need to stick together to be successful.

This is the place we get together. 'Tis worth it's weight in gold.


Some time back, when all the training logs were consolidated into one forum, we old folks asked the mods if they wouldn't mind letting us keep on posting our logs in the over-35 forum. We answer each others' questions, brag about our lifts and sometimes just shoot the shit.

Most of the TRT stuff also got moved to another forum, because there was enough traffic to justify it. So now we have our own little sandbox to play in. And I want to thank the mods and gods of the site once again for letting us play here.

I'm sorry if the information you're looking for isn't here - truly. Many of us peek in on the other forums for info that interests us and share what we learn.

If you have any particular questions there's a ton of experienced lifters and actual trainers in this forum who can probably help you.


I'm glad it got changed. It was tiresome to have to pick through all the guys whinning about not getting wood.


If you have a question, post it or ask it. If the logs don't interest you or don't have the information you're not looking for, don't read them.

I find the training logs relevent to me, my lifting and my lifestyle. It's somewhat the way in which powerful women is predominantly training logs of women.


I get a lot of useful information from following other people's training journeys.

But it's possible that I'm slightly crazy.


Slightly?!?!? You're a complete, unadulterated fruitcake, lady!!!

We still love you.

And you're hot.


Slightly? Lady, you're a complete, unadulterated fruitcake!!!

But we still love you.

And you're hot.


Im just trying to be nice and not make a ass of myself. So Ill keep my thoughts to myself.In regards to the original post.


You're a much kinder person than I am. The original post really hit me the wrong way. My interpretation is that our training logs clutter up a forum that would otherwise be filled with useful and valuable information pertinent to the over 35 lifter. As it is, they are neither useful nor valuable and that annoys me. How else could we have learned about the young lady at Joe's gym with the high beams. That right there is training gold.


What could be more useful than being able to read what seriously strong people (like Meat, Pete etc) do on a daily basis?

Anyway muscle doesn't have an age it all reacts to the same stimuli. It's not as if there will be any secrets in here that only work if you're over 35. Just visit the powerlifting forum.


Can you post a link??????


It made me lift harder.


"Lift' harder??? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Yo Momma, it's somewhere buried in the depths of Joes training log. He seems to have an above average number of encounters with young perky girls at the gym. Maybe he wears Axe or something.


And remember there was the girl who consulted with Git regarding her upcoming implants. We were all very helpful with advice on that one. It's all in Git's log.


I think its that my hormone baffles are stuck in the open position.


I call troll alert!!!!