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Why America Sucks and Egypt Doesn't


I'm going to watch X-men First class at the movies in 2 hours time, while you guys have to wait till friday.

That is all :slight_smile:

Oh btw the same happend with Hangover 2 last week. A-team, well and pretty much everything else.

Thank god for wednesday releases!


Yeah, but you have to live in Egypt. Enjoy the economic destruction in a few years from the Aswan dam.


Your best thread yet! You just opened up Pandora's Box of American Pride goes and gets my popcorn


Meh, i'll be in the cinema when it happens, watching something that hasn't been released in the U.S yet.

Its funny as well they are all American films.

Btw i choose to live here.


I don't doubt you do, but I'm telling you that it won't matter because in the next decade there won't be cinemas in Egypt for you to go to.


Whatever dude.


Eqypt will be fine, provided the military doesn't let it turn into another Islamist hellhole and go to war with Israel to provide a distraction for the rabble over the fact the government is crumbling and corrupt.

They do need to get a grip, in that regard. Go have a Sunni vs. Shia war for a change of pace.

Us evil Zionist make pretty good trading partners and neighbors, unlike the 12 Iman nutcases running Iran.

Oh, and we saw the movie, too.

--- Mrs. Jewbacca.


This wasn't meant to end up political, it was about movies.


Dude with the title of this thread what did you expect?


Yeah but we get Captain America first and you have to wait until August






You've got the pyramids and mummification is pretty cool, keep your head up man


All that middle eastern booty bouncin around.....

Arab pussy everywhere you look...


Funny thing is, you're bragging about seeing "X-Men First Class," "Hangover II" and "A-Team."


^ Also Black Swan, Prom and Brides Maids. That was his next thread.


I'd rather never watch a movie again than live in Egypt.


GOD BLESS AMERICA............and no place else.


At least the women there aren't full of attitude like here. they are loyal and devoted to their man, the way a woman should be.


America no Bettah Brah -

and...at least we don't live in the frozen north, with those snow hippies in Canada!