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Why Am I Worn Out?


I've been working hard after getting back in to lifting for the last 10 weeks, but within the last 3 weeks, I'm always tired and my back, hamstrings, and to a lesser extent quads are sore all of the time.

It's probably my routine, but I'd like some help with improving it. I've made a lot more progress than I have in the past, so I'd hate to see it drop off by losing intensity, but obviously something has to give.

I'm doing a de-load this week to let things work themselves out.

All sets are done until failure.
MONDAY (drop sets, 2 sets of each)
Barbell Bench Press
Upright Rows
Walking Lunges

WEDNESDAY (trisets)
Flat Bench Press, Incline Press, Dumbell Flyes
Pulldowns, Standing Pulls, Seated Pulls
Arnold Press, Barbell Press, (1 other shoulder exercise)
Reverse curls, Curls, Hammer Curls
Reverse wide-grip press, skullcrushers, Close crip press

FRIDAY (supersets -2 each)
Bench Press/Rows
Pulldowns/Arnold Press
Reverse curls/dumbell press
Crunches/dolphin-back crunches

Alternating days are tabata-style workouts (2-4-2), usually on a rower.


It could be any number of factors causing you to fatigue, including diet and sleep, but anyone can look at your program and recognize its far too demanding. You have too many exercises, too much volume, and poor exercise selection and placement. In short, you're a beginner and need to learn more of the basics.

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Are you really bench pressing 3 times a week?


you need to eat and sleep more.


Your routine is retarded.


Start Off by removing these words from your routine, they are just gimmicks at best, a bag of tricks for advanced lifters to use once in awhile.
"All sets are done until failure"
Stop benchpressing three times a week
Cut your routine per workout in half, to about four exercises
Read up on 5/3/1 by wendler or Sheiko or westside or metal militia, shit just read about training.
You only had progress because your body was not used to the stimulation, but after 10 weeks the body has adapted therefore a plateau has been hit.


Humor me. What are your goals?


Poorly designed diet and lack of stimulant abuse



Why even take the time to post this? Does it make you feel better about yourself? If you can't contribute, please, keep your opinions to yourself.

OP, the rest of the advice is good. Your workload is way too high for mere mortals. Everyone has their own opinion and style. I would suggest you search the site for Chad Waterbury programs and try some of them on for size. Especially if you are a relative newcomer, they will help you develop and strong foundation on which to grow. The Wendler program mentioned is also a good option. Good luck. You just need to channel your energy a little more effectively.


supersets of squats and deadlifts.... holy moly.


I've followed a couple of routines on here... one from Christian Thibaudeau... but after 3 months I looked pretty much the same as when I started.

So while I was on a cruise (do I hear groans) and my wife was taking yoga, I decided to work with a trainer. The routine is off for sure, but he showed me how hard to push (he nearly had me pass out on our first workout) and after 10 weeks of this routine I'm much stronger and actually look like I lift a little.

My quads, hams, and back obviously can't take it, but my triceps and lats absolutely LOVE it.

Sleep is about 7 hours with 10-12 hours on the weekends. This has been my sleeping pattern since age 5. I'm 39.

Diet is along these lines:
Cottage cheese w/berries and 1T of fish oil
Chicken wrap with feta, olives, lettuce & tomato
Protein powder w/fish oil
Nuts or cheese for snack
Lamb, broccoli and an avacado (this is pretty big)

If that's all I eat, I'll lose 1-2 pounds per week, so on lifting days I add another protein shake and another meal. With that addition, I'll gain a pound per week.

Benching 3x a week is no problem. I hardly feel it. I could probably do it 5x. Benching does NOTHING for my chest. In fact, that's a separate problem. The only thing that hits my chest are flyes.

The squats and STRAIGHT-LEG deadlifts are brutal, but doable. Actually, it's the dropsets (or whatever you don't want me to call them) on Monday that are killer.

My goals are to simply look good... somewhere along the line of CT in his favorite picture, but smaller. I'm 6'4", currently 210 around 17% bodyfat. Right now, I'm trying to drop the bodyfat. I'd like to see 14% before I move back up again.


what supplements are you using?

you may want to consider using ZMA to help with the feeling of being tired and correct me if im wrong but given your age possibly some Alpha Male or Rez-V.

as far as your routine goes, i agree with the above replies about being too much volume. i would not ever try and put squats in the same day, and especially if you're doing drop sets.

you said that benching 3x a week is no problem and that you hardly feel it; have you ever tried using dumbbells or some sort of other chest exercise besides flat barbell bench press?

your diet and sleep patterns look good, so i think the biggest contributing factor is probably routine and possibly age.


Take a week to 10 days completely off. Change your routine or if this one really does it for you make the changes recommended in this thread. If you are trying to lose fat and are not eating a lot cut back on some of the volume. If you decide to gain, increase your protein a lot.


Take a week to 10 days completely off. Change your routine or if this one really does it for you make the changes recommended in this thread. If you are trying to lose fat and are not eating a lot cut back on some of the volume. If you decide to gain, increase your protein a lot.


I stopped reading after I read "all sets are done to failure"


If you feel you can bench 5 times a week, you're not using enough weight.


Take that lesson from the trainer, and apply it to a decent routine, a quality diet, and good sleep.

If you really are at 17%, you don't need anything more than MAYBE a few days a week of some fasted morning cardio while watching your carbs on off days and chances are you will recomp as you continue to gain weight.


Still curious who forced you to work out with that tremendous amount of volume, stress and intesity techniques. If I were you I wouldn't even asked why this program worn you out.

Cut back on the work, lift heavy, keep it simple and rest.




Man to start with I would definately add some more protein to your diet, I would get atleat 1.5 grams per lb of your bodyweight. Also read the Dave Tate article on here about benching and watch the video, it will help you get your form as perfect as possible. Sorry I dont have a link. As far as training goes I would definately read the best of T-Nation sticky and see how the big guys got to be the biggest. I have found that for me that more volume allows me to grow better than lower reps. I also like to pyramid the weights up and then back down on the main compound lifts until i fell the muscle is completely broken down.