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Why am I So Weak?!

I checked the the pics/ratings section and I feel pathethic when I see 16 year olds lifting so much more than me… lol
I started working out about a year ago and I only bench a maximum of 134lbs with reasonable form.

I was pretty skinny to begin with, only 138lbs and 6’0 tall. I’m now 150lbs but I’m not that much stronger.

How can I bench more?

Don’t focus just on your bench. Are you squatting too? You are still very skinny, I suspect you are not eating enough. If you want to bench more weight, bench hard and often and you will get bigger.

Your body will grow. Lift and eat and sleep. Not sure what else I can tell you unless you give us a little more info about yourself and goals …

Why don’t you post your food and training info so people can give you specific advice other “than lift & eat” (which you are about to get from 20 people)

Lift and eat…had to do it.

Post your routine, nutrition, stats, etc. and you’ll get a lot more help.

eat a shit load,carb,protein,meat

train every body part hard and long,mainly with low reps,high sets

oh yeah lift and eat


three things to bring your bench up.

there are variations of all of these that are great to do at well.

i’ll add in again once you update this post with some more info!

i had the same problem as u, i was really weak. Then i was suggested to try benching with different set/reps to see what my body responded to the most. The past month-month and a half i have been doing 10 sets of 3 reps on my bench and have increased my 3rep max by 20-25lbs. My 3rep max was about 145lbs, and now it is about 170lbs.

Try 5x5, 4x6, or 10x3. You can even try benching more often. MAKE SURE YOUR DIET IS GOOD!!

Read Starting Strength. Follow those principals. Eat. Sleep. Come back in 1-2 years.

Don’t worry about other peoples #'s, ESPECIALLY internet #'s. Just worry about yourself, eat more, and lift heavy and you’ll improve.

"stop being such a marshmallow, you’re going to have to mentally force yourself into evolution, thats the problem i was having, there is no thumbs up beer drinking pothead long hair bitch who gets big and becomes an alpha, i want to prison rape the bitch in your avatar.

adopt the mentality you will need to succeed.

peace. "

[quote]shizen wrote:
Don’t worry about other peoples #'s, ESPECIALLY internet #'s. Just worry about yourself, eat more, and lift heavy and you’ll improve. [/quote]


I was that way little over 2 months ago. Now my max is like 215. Not as good as I want it but hey its progress. Things that helped me was a decent partner to complete with and doing the squats and dead lifts. Lifting partner also helped break my mental block. Mostly cuz the guy is like 6 inches shorter than me and at the time could bench 50 lbs more…yeah that sucked. Keep at it, like everyone has said watch the diet too.

[quote]AngryVader wrote:
shizen wrote:
Don’t worry about other peoples #'s, ESPECIALLY internet #'s. Just worry about yourself, eat more, and lift heavy and you’ll improve.


*points to all the 140 lb guys in RMP supposedly squatting 300 and deadlifting 400"

Just got starting strenght, I’m gonna read it whenever I have some spare time.

I never did deadlifts before but started just today.
Here’s my routine:

Monday - off
Tuesday - Biceps/triceps
Wednesday - Back/shoulders
Thursday - Chest
Friday - Legs/shoulders
Saturday - Legs
Sunday - Chest

Mostly close grip bench pressing (Thursday)
Flat/incline/decline bench press (sunday)

I am actually going to quit decline and incline and replace them with weighted dips and dumbell fly’s but I work at home and don’t have a dips station yet.

Improvised seated rows :stuck_out_tongue:
Dumbell rows
Deadlift (recently)

Seated Dumbell Curls

Overhead Tricep Extentions
french press

Lateral raises
Rear raises

Leg curls
Leg extensions

Out of lazyness I do the squats friday and the leg curls and extensions saturday.
I’m not too lazy in general and I time my exercise but squats are just a bit boring and tiring to do so that’s the reason why. Probably not the best option tough…

As for my diet, I eat mostly fish, rice and vegetables, the two main meals got a reasonable amount of fish, between 200 and 300g of fish.

Then I eat another two meals that consist of:
1 whey shake + oat and 1 banana(45g protein)
1 or 2 home made protein bars(20g+ protein each)
1 tuna can(14g protein)
A few slices of whole bread
1 portion of meat (14g protein)

In total, between 120g to 140g protein everyday I think.

I sleep about 5 to 6 hours daily.

I suspect I need quite some changes in both my routine, sleeping and diet.
As for the diet I can simply eat more, but for my exercise routine besides the chest, I’m kinda clueless about what I should change.

Uh oh. You said “think”. No. No. No good. No.

Must Know. Hmmm. Must measure accurate.

You work out at home? I think thats kinda hard to manage. Well, thats comming from me.

Monday - off
Tuesday - Biceps/triceps
Wednesday - Back/shoulders
Thursday - Chest
Friday - Legs/shoulders
Saturday - Legs
Sunday - Chest

So… Legs, one a week. (uh oh som1s gona shout “SQUAT! MORE!”.

And chest twice a week and each session is before a shoulder session.( your shoulders do play a part in chest workouts…)

sleep about 5 to 6 hours daily. (not enough. How much of it is “deeep sleeeep?”)

And you said you were lazy. but not that lazy.

Some body is gota tell you, to be big and strong you neeed DEDICATION.

Or steroids.

Oh, and improvised seated rows? That smiley face has got me thinking “is this another guy whos gona have a sore back but have a bicep pump after an actual back workout?”

Starting Strength Plan will work good for you, stock up on Whole Milk, chug a gallon a day, it’s good stuff. The SS Plan is 3 Total Body Days a Week. You need to hit everything hard, then rest.

Squat, Bench, Row, eat sleep, rest repeat! You might not want to be wasting energy on the smaller body parts too, for size it’s important to focus on your big lifts!

Edit: Also, 7 hours of sleep/night MINIMUM! You can do it!

When I started I could hardly bench 80lbs.

Now I bench 170ish. Not good but it shows that no matter how weak you are it won’t last forever if you train right.

Don’t lose focus.

Whole milk is good but a gallon a day has a good chance of leading to a dairy allergy.

OP: Your avatar makes me want to puke all over you.

lol… I just tought that avatar was kinda funny:P About diary unfortunately I can’t have too much or I’ll get acne.

Improvised seated rows, I use a rope to push the weight from where I do the leg extensions, any advice on a better exercise? I’d like to replace this one cause I’m limited to 50kg.

I’m just lazy with exercises that I dislike, like squats, but I still do them anyway. I always rest 120seconds between sets, sometimes a little more in the last set.
Would it be better to do leg curls/extensions and squat all in the same day?

What about biceps? I feel like I should do a different exercise besides the seated curls.

Thanks and keep the advice coming.