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Why Am I So Tired Every Morning?


I wasn't absorbing Androgel so i went off of it in anticipation of seeing a new doc and getting injections.

I'm thinking maybe I was getting some of the androgel because since I have been off of it, I can not wake up in the AM. No matter how much sleep I get, when the alarm goes off, I can't get up at all. I have no energy until I'm up for an hour or so, then it slowly kicks in.

Anyone else experience this level of fatigue?

I'm so tired of this.



Sounds like adrenal fatigue. Thyroid and iodine may also be factors.

Please take this back to your "case". Maybe we can find some lab results of interest to go with this new development.


If you download the Super Human Radio interviews with Dr. Crisler (the DHEA/Adrenal Fatigue one, I think, but they're all pretty good when the interviewer keeps his mouth shut) he talks about seeing this a lot in guys with low cortisol. He says many have success using hydrocortisone to achieve a baseline to function off of while they get their shit in order.

I know EXACTLY what you are talking about, though. Up until the past month or so 10+ hours of sleep and a pot of coffee couldn't do jack to get me moving without laying on the couch for AT LEAST an hour. I actually bounced back from it crazy quick when I adjusted my supplement regime, but that's for my thread update in the next day or so when I get my lab work back.


I'll update my case with my new labs when I get them. The previous labs won't offer too much as all that was tested was T, E2, LH/FSH, Prolactin.

My next blood draw will be at 11am probably too late to see anything of interest, but it's done at the doc and that's my appointment time. I'm calling right now to see if I can get an earlier appointment as I want the tests to be accurate.