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Why am I Shrinking?


Hey guys, just created this topic to know you guys opinions
I was doing the following routine (i would change each 3 months but the structure would be the same)
mon : Flat bench, incline dumbells, bodyweight dips and some decline flyes for chest
4 to 8 sets of light tricep work
tuesday: T-row or deadlifts, seating cable row, yates row e pullups
4 to 6 sets of light biceps work
wed : Legpresses, stiff, lying leg curls
thursday : Seated military press, standing db press, lateral raises (lot of drops or reps), upright rows e some biset work for rear delts
friday : 6 to 8 sets of pullups, and arms (3 to 4 exercises for bi and 3 to 4 exercises for triceps)
saturday : legs again
sunday : off

I love this style of training cus allow me to work all angles..I have to admit i love pump work and i guess this somewhoe works a little for me, but heres my problem,my bench is horrible, i dont even remember the last time i made progress on my chest ..So i decided to to some increased frequency based on the topic "Do that routine instead of that dumb one"(twice a week) by kingbeef here from tnation, and i feel im shrinking, i dont know what im doing wrong, i see most of naturals guys doing increased frequency and i dont understand what im doing wrong or if this doesnt work for me..
Can you guys could give me some light ?


Sub out the bench for weighted dips but do you have numbers to support what you’re seeing? Maybe it just looks smaller because


Well, i look smaller in my clothes, in the mirror aswell…
I cant seem to find another reason but smaller volume i guess


If you’re really shrinking and its not just in your head, then you’re not eating enough food.


Are your main lifts going up? Has your waist gone down? Are you doing kingbeef 6 days a week as well?


My waist look the same, my arms are visible smaller and shoulder also(lateral head are gone but front delts appears because of frequent benching), this happens EVERY time i decide to increase my frequency, in the first 2 weeks my lifts go up and after this they decrease, but at the same time , my main lifts on tradicional once a week are staled aswell …I cant seem to do any progress anymore except for my deadlift (very slow and steady) and i dont get why this happens

usually i give 2 stim to my arms/week, light, just a few sets with the sinergist muscle , like triceps on chest day and again on a arm day with high volume like 4 exercises, now im doing like 3 exercises twice a week , same thing for delts, i work just what i think is enough and i seems they are shrinking

I just want to do a routine where my main focus is BODYBUILDING but sometimes nothing seems to work


[quote]criature wrote:
this happens EVERY time i decide to increase my frequency, in the first 2 weeks my lifts go up and after this they decrease, [/quote]

Definition of insanity…

OP, you just pointed out something very significant to your means of making progress: you have tested something and learned from it. Try just cycling the frequency in, as that’s probably what works for you.

So, perhaps you do it in maybe 8 week cycles, with two weeks of higher frequency, six weeks of lower. Then you can tweak it as things go, maybe ending up with a six week cycle of two weeks higher frequency, four weeks lower.




Try not going so heavy and sacrificing form on exercises. These symptoms seem to me like if you used light weight and perfect form on everything, you wouldn’t burn yourself out (mainly cause your deadlift still progressing)… you probably make too quick weight jump increases and burn yourself out too quick… start lighter and try that maybe?

Could be wrong… lol


what is your height and current bodyweight?


Try this (or pretty much any 5/3/1 template) and you should have steady progress for at least 4-6 months…

Also if have some coin and want a quick fix just get some Plazma or even the ‘Jim Wendler stack’ and you’ll be golden