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Why am I Regressing?


I'm following a 5/3/1 setup, and the last 2 weeks following a deload week have just sucked ass for bench. I'm at about a 20lbs loss or so, and I can't figure out why. I'm getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night, and at least 150gr protein every day.

I'm at a loss here, and starting to get pissed off. Can anyone maybe spot what I'm doing wrong? More volume? Less? more assistance work? more variety?

Last 2-3 months of training logged here:


i looked at your log really quickly...

it seems like you are doing max effort singles every week and missing multiple times...

stop doing that...

also some weeks you will get less reps...it's normal...as long as you progress in the long run...that is all that matters....


150g of protein? Do you weigh 100lbs?

Eat more


150 is the bare minimum. Usually it's up near 200. The goal is 1 gr per 1 lb of bodyweight, which I've read is the rule of thumb. Should I go more than that? 1.5 grams per pound, maybe?


Kinda had a feeling that max effort every week might have been too much. OTOH, on the other lifts, I've been doing the same and been making progress. IIRC, doesn't the Westside program call for a max effort day AND a dynamic day every week? That was part of the reasoning behind doing it.


lower intensity and volume for a while and focus on your recovery (eat sleep supps ect.)

WSBB is best to do with a crew and access to lots of lift variations that don't stress your system as much as raw work ie. the bottom portion of the ROM isn't the hardest part every week or the ROM is limited or the angle is changed.

If you're going to be doing raw work the majority of the time you need to limit your hard 1rms to avoid regression not to mention joint injuries.


Youre all over the place.

you say 150 is the minimum you get and that your goal is 1g/lb. But usually you get 200g/d ? So is the 200g your 1g/lb goal?

If you weigh 200lbs there is absolutely no reason to miss 200g of protein per day. Its not difficult to get that much.

Stop fucking around hoping that things magically work out. Get a handle on your nutrition and force yourself to get stronger.

If youre not eating AT LEAST 200 calories above maintenance every day dont expect to make progress on a routine basis.


1 rep max lifts don't really build strength....they are more for testing strength...

i'm not too familiar with 531...but don't you have to follow a prescribed rep percentage? i would stick with what is written for the main lifts....

maybe someone who is doing 531 can help you better...


200ish would be the 1 gr/lb goal. I hit that on most days but not all.
Point well taken on not eating enough. That'll get fixed.

Assuming I do that, what are your thoughts on the training side of things? Too many singles?

I'm not hoping things magically work out, that's why I'm here asking questions.


stop doing singles, i havnt done any since may and i keep progressing,
also get AT LEAST 250gm protein a day - do you have a smartPhone/iPhone what ever? you can get apps that track calories etc, and its made me a lot more consistant


I find it's generally not my training that holds me back on 5/3/1 as much as me fucking around an getting too little sleep and not enough food.

Failing that, take a big goddamn hit of caffeine before the gym and kill it. It'll help you get your head back into a winning mind set. Missing lifts every week isn't good for confidence and a lot of the game is mental.

And a lot of the idea of 5/3/1 is not to miss lifts.

You could always try reducing your max down to 90 or 95% of what it is now, also.


I don't know about 200 grams of protein.

Or 250 grams of protein...

But you should be getting 300 grams, bare minimum.


Tell that to an olympic lifter. I think 1 rep training has its place.


Well, goal dependent. We don't really know what he's training for.

If he's training for bodybuilding... there's absolutely no reason for 1-rep maxes. If he's doing 5/3/1 I'd surmise strength is his primary focus, so yeah, I'd say he probably has an interest in his 1RMs.


Correct. Strength is my primary focus. I shoulda mentioned that at the outset.


i never said not to do singles...

imo, the OP is doing too many singles...i think he would be better off limiting them to once every 2-3 weeks or so...