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Why am I passing out??????

Hey everyone, this has been a problem for me lately…
Okay, for about 3 weeks I have been taking a mixture of 35g whey and about 45-50g dextrose immediately after my workouts, and with about 10 min left in my workout I will take 800 mg of ALA…I swear to God, within 10 mins of downing my post-workout shake, I am out like a light for about 1.5 hours!! Does anyone know why this may be happening? It’s kinda annoying, b/c I get done training around 645 pm and I hate crashing like that in the evening b/c I like to be productive until bedtime…any help is appreciated.

Sounds like you have low blood sugar bro. Try eating a whole food meal 30min to 1 hour after your post workout shake.

You could be diabetic. When a person who is or in a diabetic state. They will get extremly tied and sluggesh after consuming carbohytrates. Not to say you are but if it happens often get checked out!

Yep, sounds like a nasty drop in blood sugar. And with the time you train (end of the day) it makes it real easy to fall asleep like you have. I guess most of us are experimenting with post workout nutrition, as per Berardi etc, but it is important to tweak the amount of carbs/protien to suit your metabolism. At the SWIS conference he gave a range of 0.4-0.8g of carbs per kg of bodyweight, with protien being at half that amount or so. I found I had to cut back to around 0.5g or so to reduce the insulin swing I got with a 0.8g amount. JohnB also made the point that the solution you drink should be very dilute, like around 5-8% - that really is watery. Doing just these things has sorted out my post workout slump.

Are you just sitting down and falling asleep or are you really passing out? There is a difference.

Sorry, didn’t mean to exaggerate, i don’t literally just pass out…I’ll take my shake, and I’m usually just chillin after I train anyway, watch the O’Reilly Factor or whatever, but I end up falling asleep just like that…for a good hour or so.

When consuming a postworkout shake of whey and dextrose, you would expect a sharp rise in blood sugar followed by a subsequent crash 30-90 minutes later. The amount of time for this rebound hypoglycemia to occur is dependent on the individual. It seems to me that you are priming your system for rapid clearance of glucose with such a large dosage of ALA. The combined effects of the ALA and your own insulin secretion may be responsible for your rapid onset of acute hypoglycemia. I have experienced similar effects with less than half that dosage of ALA. Try consuming your ALA in 100-200mg doses throughout the day instead of one large dosage post-workout. You may also want to try adding a bit of casein to your post-workout shake just to attenuate the spike in blood sugar. I know this seems to go against everything you’ve read, but with such a large dose of dextrose and ample amounts of protein I don’t think you would be hindering your recovery at all. You would just be avoiding those nasty “passing out” spells. Hope this helps some.

Chad, thanks…I was thinking that too, 800 mg ALA might be too high of a dosage. I was thinking the rapid disposal of glucose was a good idea, but maybe easing back to maybe 100-200 mg w/my postworkout shake may be better and just space out the rest throughout the day…Today is my off day from training, but tomorrow I’ll try to lower the amount of dextrose and ALA and see what happens…Thanks guys, BTW w/the new format for the forum, it’s kick ass that our posts go up so much faster.

just eat something 60mins past workout. either fight to stay awake, or up pw carbs, or my fav would be to wokrout earlier in the day and then pass out into a nap for 40mins or so…

i crash after my post workout shakes also…

bro i sip my 50 gram whey hydrosylate, 100 gram dextrose drink about 15 minutes before warmup and i finish it 15-30 minutes after excercise and i really don’t have any of those problems. I think you should not consume the drink all at once. I guess it could all be in the mind considering that you have just relieved a lot of stress in the gym and you go home to chill out. why don’t you keep yourself occupied as you say. take your shower, prepare your post bedtime meal and protein shake. maybe that would help from passing out. I know that i would love to sleep immediately after the gym. In a perfect world a small nap would be really good. laters pk