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why am i not tired?

ok due to a lot of mid terms and due dates for papers, and yes some procrastination on my part, i got less than 2 hours of sleep last night, but for some reason i haven’t noticed any signs of fatigue at all today. I feel as well rested as i would feel after a normal 8 hours of sleep. I’m wondering if somebody could explain why i might feel like this. I did ingest more caffeine than normal last night (4 diet pepsi’s worth between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am, no coffee machine in the dorm room), but i still fell asleep, despite the caffeine, at aproximately 0630 and woke up at 0740. I don’t intend to repeat this, i just want to understand any possible mechanisms behind it.


I pulled an all-nighter on Thursday Night/Friday morning. I wasn’t tired all on Friday–it was like I was walking on a cloud.

But since then, it’s been wreaking havoc with me. I’m way more tired than normal, and I’ve been sleeping 9 hours + 3 hour long naps pretty much since then. I may have to pull another all nighter tonight.

My point is: wait. Just like you don’t get sore immediately after a workout (well, most of the time), the effects of no-sleep can take a while to catch up with you.

Dan “be prepared for the fallout” McVicker

It is the stress u have that is causing your insomnia and state of not being fatigued. It wont last and I wouldnt try and make it last. But I know the feeling. Good luck and try and get some quality Z’s .

See how you feel tommorrow. I find that tiredness normally hits me harder not the next day but the day after. You always have to pay off the sleep deprivation at some point.

Unconscious anxiety. You are in “overdrive” my friend.

I’d call that STRESS.

You’ll feel it in the next day or two. Have no fear…the reaper will come.

The reason your not tired is due to stress hormones like Adrenaline, Noradrenaline, and Cortisol. These will increase you’re state of arousal (ie. awarness…not your heightened sexual state :slight_smile: ). Furthermore, because you’re well rested prior to pulling this all nighter, usually your body responds well (at least temporarily) to the lack of sleep (by responding well, I mean not feeling fatigued). But shortly after, as your stress hormones wear off, and you return to baseline, your fatigue will kick in.

ND hit the nail on the head – stress hormones will crank your energy up for now, but you’ll be running an energy deficit later.

Sleep experts say they can measure effects of sleep deprivation a WEEK after the deprivation.

Last time I pulled an all-nighter (September) I felt FINE the next day, but ready to die the day after that. It took me a good week or two to feel normal after that. Hopefully you’re younger than me and it won’t take you as long!