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Why Am I Not Losing Body Fat?

Hey guys,
I have been tryin to control my diet .
Although i lost aome weight bt the body fat isnt dropping!
Any idea as in what i might be doin wrong ?

You literally gave us nothing to go on.

What’s your body fat%
Current weight?
Goal weight?
Age and height?
What are you doing as far as weight training or cardio?
Are you at a caloric deficit?
Are you sleeping enough?
Do you have a high stress job?
What does eating clean mean to you?
How many days a week are you working out?

Do you want a 3 day a week body or a 5 day a week body?

Also if your weights going down but your body fat isn’t there is a good chance you’re either not eating right and losing muscle or you’re just dropping water weight. I can weigh myself in the morning and weigh 245 and by the end of the day after hydrating, eating, and powerlifting I can walk out of the gym around 255 with my body fat around 16% lol

opps sorry
this is how i look i knw it might be shitty .
but want to improve

and for the diet
i have 70 grms of oats and 5 egg whites n 2 whole eggs.
400 grams chicken breast ,400 grams rice ,and 2 scoops of whey

All day? That’s it?

Again, details.

Current weight :75 kg
Height :5 feet 9"
Goal:lower the body fat
I workout 5 days a week
Should i be eating more ?
This makes me full :expressionless:

Do some rowing for distance maybe some kettle bell swings for reps I don’t know are you doing any form of cardio at all ?

3 km on empty stomach everyday
Walk + run

Is there any pieces of fruit or vegetables involved or any sources of fat besides the measly 12g from the eggs?

How often do you drift from this?

I prepare my food in olive oil plus i have nuts for fats bt not too much 10almondsn sums walnuts
Should i increase ?


Why can’t you say what you ate yesterday? The whole day? Why are we prying answers from you?

We would like to help, but can’t. The info is random and scattered.

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Meal 1
50 gram oats
3 whole eggs 4egg whites

Meal 2
Protein shake , 2 banana

Meal 3
200 gram chicken breast
200 gram rice
N some nuts

Meal 4 post workout
Protein and 2 banana

Meal 5
200 gram chicken
200 gram rice
Dis is what i eat daily

Are vegetables involved and how often are you able to stick to exactly this and nothing more/less everyday? 75% of the time? 95% of the time?

90% of the time bro !!!