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Why Am I Losing Weight on TRT?

hi guys im new to the forum and im hoping i can lern more regarding my trt protocal. so far ive been on trt for 1year starting at 250mg sust e3wks which made me feel crappy just after a week then i was doing 250mg e10days and now 250 e7days. at the start of treatment i felt better i slept better had more energy and better mood but slowly i noticed my weight was dropping and in the last 3 months its dropped a fair bit i was 15st4lbs and im now down to 14st6lbs

i have lost some fat but also muscle ive not been working out for about 3 months, now i know not training will cause some muscle loss and a loss in weight but i would have thought being on 250 of sust a week would cause some weight gain not weight loss! my last blood resualts was total test of 29.1nmol/l i was having 1 shot of sust from the doc and doing my own shots with feurza labs sust in between.

i am now doing the same thing but using zafa sust. ive not got a very good doctor and he has not done no blood works for about 6months also my e2 levels was 140pmol which is around 40pg/ml so if my e2 was that high 6months ago i would assume they would be even higher? i feel like the test is not working anymore can the high e2 block the test from doing its job? ive got the side affects of the test being in my system such as oily skin and acne on back but dont feel the benefits of it.

its making me think either the zafa is bunk and im only realy getting one shot of real sust e3wks or the high e2 is stopping the test from doing its job! do you guys have any opinions as why i would be dropping weight! im going to go back to my docs to demand more bloods with a full hormone panel done.