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Why am I Getting Weaker?

I’m 16 and i’ve been lifting seriously really only since new years after I had to stop working out because I broke my hand during football season. At my best I benched 225 for 6 reps. I never really worked my legs and back before but lately I’ve been doing a lot of both. My pull-ups have gone from 10 to 20, and my squat from 275 to 325 (i know i have weak ass legs.)

My lifts weren’t really going anywhere so me and my friend decided to change up our workout and make a routine to follow for a month then switch it up.

DB Press: 4x10,8,6,4
Barbell Shrugs: 4x10

Decline Bench: 4x10,8,6,4
Standing Barbell Military Press: 4x10,8,6,4

Close-Grip Bench: 4x10,8,6,4
Dips: 4xFailure

Front Shoulder Raise: 4x10
Shoulder Extensions: 4x10

Rear-Delt Flys: 4x10,10,8,8
Neck Raises: 4x20

Tricep Extension: 4x10,8,8,6
Incline Flys: 4x10,8,6,4

Core and Push-Ups

Back Squat: 5x10,8,8,6,4
WG Pull-Ups: 5x12

Leg Extension: 4x10
Dead Lift: 4x5

Calf Raises: 4x12,12,10,10
Barbell Curls - 21’s: 4 sets

CG Pull-Ups: 4x12
Leg Press: 4x10

Concentration Curls: 4x10,8,6,6
Back Extension: 4x10

Reverse Curls: 4x10,8,6,6
Barbell Forearm Curls: 4x10

Lat Extensions: 4x10,10,8,8



repeat (3 day cycle)

I benched today during football weight training/conditioning and I only did 205 for 4 reps. Why am I getting weaker?

Your schedule makes no sense at all. Leg extensions before deadlifts???

Pick one of the solid routines available here and stick with it. Please don’t switch it up for no reason after a month.

Also eat and sleep like it’s your job. Because it is.

I’m sure you can find plenty of info on nutrition here.

If your goal is strength then you should do a strength program.

You should concentrate on gettin MUCH stronger at the bench press (or variant… Ala Incline) Deadlift, Squat and Row. Worth other lots in as accessories but concentrate on those plus cleans for explosive power on the football field.

If you’re not gaining weight its because you’re kt consistently eating enough calories.

Good luck man, I’m sure you’ll get to your goals.

your friend is an idiot

do 5/3/1

Fuck thats some impressive lifts for a 16 year old, When I was 16 I where not able to even lift the barbell and I am still not close to those numbers at 26 :frowning: Meaning you are probably going to get strong as fuck if you keep at it and that shitty day( shitty for you ) where probably just life fucking with you( could be bad sleep, bad eating, other stress factors etc ).

Ps. As others have said a proven solid program will probably do you good.

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
your friend is an idiot

do 5/3/1[/quote]

That is true haha

I just joined this and havent really checked anything out yet. Are these workouts on here effective? I try to get as much sleep as i can get but as for right now i got projects in school and finals are coming up so im probably not gonna be getting much of that for the next week or so. And i eat a lot of fruits and meats and milk.

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
your friend is an idiot

do 5/3/1[/quote]

x2 on that. If your going for strength then focus on an actual strength program. Check out 5/3/1 or starting strength or any other 5x5 strength program.

do you realise that you’re doing over 48 sets on mondays?

my typical workouts are between 7 and 14 sets total, as i find it’s one of my ways to keep intensity high.

just something to think about…


X3 if strength is your goal do 531 , invest the 20 bucks and buy the book I wish I had known that when i was 16.