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Why Am I Gaining Weight?


I'm female 29 years old, my weight is 105 and my height is 4'11. I was wondering if anyone knew why im gaining weight when i go to the GYM four times a week and eat good?

I have a trainer at the GYM and he tells me i'm gaining muscle and that is why im gaining weight.
Can anyone explain this to me?


Your trainer is correct. Muscle weighs more than fat. You need to forget about scale weight and be more concerned with body composition and how you like what you see in the mirror.


Yeah, weight alone is something we all started out thinking was important, but really it isn't.

Focusing on weight or weight loss is not the right thing to do. What is important is the amount of lean body mass and fat mass that a person carries.

Carrying muscle makes you look fit and sexy, losing fat lets people see that muscle...

Importantly, when you have more muscle, you have a higher metabolism in general. Muscle consumes a lot of energy during the day when compared to fat cells.


Get your bodyfat percentage measured and keep track of that, not your weight. That way you will know for sure if you're gaining muscle and/or fat.