why all the canadiens?

What percentage of posters are from canada? I would guess like 50%. Holy Heyseus.
Is it that we americans jsut dont give enough of a shit to want to work out? is there nothing else to do in Canada but work out? Does Biotest push more product up there (even though customer service is in colorado, and everyone complains about getting Biotest product to canada).
My hat’s off to you guys.

In an effort to reduce the time it takes us to remove our tounges from Lamposts in the winter, we start our training at a young age (mostly “pressing” movements). As soon as we hit 19 or so and no longer need the extra pushing ability, it has become obvious that we have some physique imbalances and we need to balance them out.

This usually leads us into a life long bond with exercise that eventually leads the lucky ones here.

…and Biotest availability in Canada Sucks.


“The status quo sucks”

~ George Carlin

US=GG asked me to post this, as his computer’s down.

"It’s because Canada’s so insecure about the United States’ immense dominance over them in terms of computer literacy and internet savvy in general, that that backwards nation doesn’t even have any web sites based there, let alone fitness/training web sites!

Hence, they gravytrain us Americans and take advantage of our superior knowledge and technology."

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

(Obviously, this was a feeble attempt at a good-natured jab at US=GG, and an even more feeble attempt at some sort of humor. My apologies to all…)

and how does that explain that there’s as many of us as there is of him…???

has anyone ever seen a photo of this guy? …I’m picturing Newman from Seinfeld


Superior technology?? …who’s computer is down???

We work out so much up here because of the warm weather. We’re pretty much walking around with next to nothing on year-round because of the stifling heat we get up here, so we better look good. You didn’t actually believe all that “cold” crap you keep hearing about, did you? We just say that so we have more of the place to ourselves. True fact, Canada is the second largest country in the world in area yet only a population of around 30 million, and yet I still live in a 700sq.ft condo. What gives?

CDN, he was joking.

Our technology rocks, especially when it’s working. :wink:

Good point, CDNSapper!



…and it is “Canadians”…not “Canadiens”…unless you are playing Hockey.

If we are, then I wanna be the Goon.

“Red ice sells hockey tickets”

~ Bob Stewart

I think you Canadians are all right in my book. But I am still tring to fit in on someones list…lol

My goodness, how can I not comment?

We begin life up here in an igloo. Sometimes the heavy ice blocks fall inwards, so as young children our fathers taught us to replace the blocks by squatting down and lifting the huge white bricks back into place.
Then, when we shift from 11 months of winter to the month we call “Mudruary”, we are all forced to hunt the bison and moose with mere rocks that we scrape from the still frozen tundra. This allows us to develop most upper body muscles and compensate for the overdeveloped quads and glutes.
Sometimes when we walked thirty miles to the nearest telephone we would stop to rest, and do sumo lifts with any muskrat huts while humming Captain and Tenille songs.
Many times we wondered if we would ever get rid of William Shatner or Anne Murray, but eventually the continuous pelting with rocks and garbage drove them south. William Shatner’s real name is Aglookark Onatopaskewski.

Oops, gotta go. A beaver just walked in the room and needs its incisors sharpened so it can chop me a new log to press.

I’m still picturing Newman…


Hellloooo Jerry…

I’m not from Canada, eh. Never been, eh. Want to visit, eh.

Most of the americans I see walking around are a bunch of fat asses.

That reminds me…
Seinfeld is coming here in a month. I have SWEET tickets. And only three blocks from my place.

Hellooooo, Newman!

Seriously, you can easily claim that America is fat. The amount of adult diabetes being diagnosed in kids is ridiculous. I always hate when I’m riding an elevator to floor 10 or whatnot, and some fat ass gets on and goes to 2 or 3. I just want to fucking scream at them man.

All kidding aside, I’m positive that the cold weather plays a huge part in us being online more often than people in warmer climates. 8 months of the year you’re trapped inside, so forums become an easy way to socialize.

Secondly, like most minorities, you seek out one another by raising a flag.
Imagine if you went to russia, every american you’d see there you’d probably stop and speak to. Contrarily, you’re probably surrounded by americans now and would not do the same.

I don’t care why you’re here I’m just glad that you are.

You Canadians crack me up. Always have. I grew up in Michigan but some of my original lineage took root in Ontario before Detroit (and Henry Fords’ factories) became too tasty a lure for those in need of the American Dream. Ski Trips, fishing trips, and hunting trips always seemed more fun when the destination was somewhere Canadian. (you guys have to do something about the barbless hook law for Walleyes if you haven’t already) Hell I had to go to Cold Lake Alberta a few years ago with the Marines. And while most of the guys who were used to San Diego weather were miserable, (we went in October) I was having an absolute ball just hanging with the you all and watching hockey instead of the World Series (no matter it was the year the Marlins won)

So join me as I raise my miniature Mag-10 ladle to all you Canadians and salute. I’m glad you’re here.

Thanks for the laughs and keep 'em coming.


I, for one, am glad to see the most part of all the political anti-Canadian sentiment finally gone …it gets depressing after a while, for both “sides”.

Of course I fear I’ve just opened up the proverbial bag-o-worms and am about to get just f’ing hammered when US=GG gets his superior technology up and running again :slight_smile:

I for one have never been anti-American, as you can see by my support of US Forces on another thread …so I am very glad to be here shootin’ the shit with you …thanks for all the kind pro-Canadian words.