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Why All the Bashing?


I never post because I'm to damn busy all the time. I always reads everyones posts on my spare time. The Jock Asshole MeatHead Syndrome Group really bugs the shit out of me. Your the posers at my gym who thinks their crap doesn't stink. Your the group working out with 225 on bench and think your super men!! This is to you.

1: Why bash the guy who posted the (HOW DO I ACHIVE THIS MUSCLE?) Not all of us want to be big. Not all of us want to eat and sit on a toilet all day reading our Flex Mags. We all have different goals and different wants.

I use to be a bodybuilder. Now I do strong man stuff.. Maybe down the road my goals will change and I'll do a marathon. Who know's??? Let's keep the JOCK ASSHOLE Syndrome off the site. You know who you are and I feel sorry for you. You never get laid do you? Your life must really suck. To the guys who stuck up for the kid. "Thanks for keeping an open mind and realizing this is not a meat head site. But a website to learn and advance. I eat meatheads for lunch.

2: Posting Bruce Lee is asking for trouble. I'm a huge Bruce Lee Fan. I love the guy. So let's get the facts Correct so we can all play nice in the future.

  1. UFC Sucks! Real fighters fight in Pride or K1. Stop posting UFC like thier God... None of those guys have won at a Pride fight.

  2. Give Bruce some Credit. He's the reason we have MMA today.

  3. He fought NO Rule Fighting on the street. Not fights with rules. His fights were based on real world situations. So to say Matt Hughes or who ever could kick his ass... We don't know!!!

  4. Yes, Bruce Lee was around 135 pounds. So to the meatheads saying he couldn't fight a 200 pounds guy is silly. Open your eyes... One of my friends was an all american college wrestler and weighed in at 145-150 pounds at 5 foot 8. I've seen him destroy big 6 foot meatheads for lunch in bar fights. "it's the fight in the dog boys, Not the dog in the fight!"

  5. I said UFC sucks right!!

I could rant on But I need to get back to work. go a head and make fun of my spelling and grammar. I type fast.. So what!!! Tell me I suck, or I'm little or gay or have napoleon syndrome.. Just be original... I just want to keep this an educational site with out the bashing if you don't prey to an Arnold Statue every morning..


Umm...aren't you being a bit of a hypocrite?




You have a job?


Would you like to have some cheese with that....................whine?


I lol'd a lot when you said "big 6 foot meatheads".


Excellent, I was hoping that some dickhead would post a stupid, ill thought and pointless comment so that I have something to do today instead of working.





I'm more surprised McDonald's is letting their employees get online during their breaks.


I am now going to head butt my door frame for half an hour, or until I can empathize with your post, whichever comes first.


Surely even McDonald's requires employees to possess basic counting skills...


For lunch? Surely it had to have been dinner if they were in a bar.

If you want to keep this site educational, you shouldnt have posted.


You sure have no idea what this site is about. You come off on people while saying you don't like that very behavior?

People who ask stupid questions get appropriate replies. It's that simple. If you can't stand it then just go away. It's that easy.


You might want to stop, prolonged pounding will eventually do some damage.


Hey I found your new avatar.


"Feel good to get that off your chest, pookie?" (Sorry, can't resist quoting the The West Wing whenever I can.)

Listen, tgatl, I'll agree that a lot of the responses go WAY beyond "spirited debate" or even just plain logorrhea. It's a public forum, viewed by opinionated people; anyone who posts here should know that and be steeled for the potential responses. Is it always polite? No. Does a poster always get responses that provide widely different perspectives on his/her goals/ideas? Yes. That's educational, whether you like the lesson or not.

But posting like this is NOT going to change anyone's approach to posting. Insulting a segment of the population with flamboyant examples and metaphors doesn't exactly constitute leading by example. I'm afraid you lost the moral high ground with your first paragraph. If you don't care about that...then you ARE a hypocrite.

Got another approach?


UFC's welterweight division is undeniably the best in the world. The heavyweight division is lacking, but UFC is bringing MMA to the forefront and are attempting to bridge the gap into mainstream media.

No he isn't, you can't even justify this statement.

You're right, we don't, but it tends to be the Bruce Lee fans who perpetuate the bullshit that he was the greatest of all time...we can say Matt Hughes is damn good because we've seen his record against the top fighters of the day, who the hell did Bruce Lee fight in a recorded event?

So fucking what? I've beaten the crap out've guys who outweighed me by 30 lbs, and I've gotten my ass handed to my by guys I outweighed by 30 lbs...what the fuck is your point?

Way to keep this site all educational and stuff with your silly-ass rant about nothing. Being a bodybuilding site, I sure fucking hope you guys at least acknowledge Arnold as having had a great body, if not, I don't know what the fuck you're doing here.


Hilarious. I fought a 5'10" giant one time


If honestly believe everything you posted then I truly feel sorry for you.


This is a bodybuilding site. If you don't like it, leave.