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Why All the Ass Kissing?


This is long. Either read it all or move the fuck on. I could careless one way or the other.

/start rant

This is TESTOSTRONE nation right? Then why do so many men KISS ASS for pictures of the girls? I have to admit: when I first joined (unfortunately in 2009) I fell into the same trap. (this is where someone points out all of the posts where I complimented a woman.) SURE, GUILTY AS CHARGED. It was kind of a wolf pack mentality. You know, new to the pack and playing along to feel comfortable. Than thank god I fell and bumped my head and came to my senses.

Fortunately, I get to wake up next to a woman who at 44 could out work 98% of the men around here in the gym and has built a body to die for. Oh wait, let me post her on wives and girlfriends. Not. You guys are fools. They are not a trophy to put on display so that you can have your ego stroked.

Sure I like to have a beautiful woman on my arm, but news flash...I was just as proud to have her there after the kids were born and she was over weight and out of shape. How about throwing up some of those pictures?

Isn't testosterone all about being male and who gives a flyin' fuck if a girl pays attention to you or not? Am I wrong? Is it about who can collect the most pictures? Like trading cards when you were still pissing your pants? At least with those you got some god damn bubble gum. Oh, oh, send me pictures of your tits. Oh, oh, send me pictures of your...Who gives a fuck.

Jesus Christ man, try to get both of your testicles to descend and build some fucking muscle. That's why you came here right? Read, learn, try something different, and see if it works for you? Pick an article apart and see what you can incorporate. What works for you and what you can disregard?

Granted, some of the women around here bust their ass and have excellent muscular development, strength, and are always trying to set impressive PRs. They should be recognized for their accomplishments. Props to those women, they know who they are.

Shit man, anyone that came to this site to simply show off is nothing but an attention whore. Everyone wants to give Jack Urboady shit for posting to much? At least he's fucking funny. There is nothing wrong with progress pictures. There should be progress pictures for those that feel the need, but shit post just to post because you're not getting enough attention off the internet.

Seriously? Ever stop to wonder why it's always the same hand full of women who post pictures? For Christ sake, four fucking pages in SAMA.

Donâ??t read into this, what isn't there. That seems to be popular on the internet. For the most part SAMA is great. It's an excellent bonding atmosphere. But four fucking pages of the same women looking to get their egos stroked. How about instead we try four fucking pages sincerely helping some newbie fine tune a program. They come here for help and get chastised. Answer the kids question with helpful advice or STFU.

I thought it was all fun and games until the D**K picture thread went up. That was just too messed up and handled poorly by both parties. Although the sender at least owned up and took his lumps. Good for you.

Before someone else says it, allow me steal your thunder...
"This post is useless without pictures."

Have a nice day and fuck you.

/end rant


What a bitch. Go have your period on the crossfit site douche.


Kiss more ass = more ass pics. Simple equation. Men kiss Women's ass in real life and the same thing happens on the internet.

Men want Sex. Women want Attention. Men Give Attention to Women. And in return, Women give Sex to Men.

Internet version: Men want Boob pics. Women want Compliments and Attention. Men give Compliments and Attention. And in return, Women give Boob pics.

That's life in the SAMA forums. If you don't like it, leave. Politics and World issues needs all the members it can get.

Edit And I don't even read the first full paragraph of your post. Shorten your shit up. My attention span can't handle that crap unless there's Tits involved.


Typical response. Thanks genius.


hahah, I thought this was hilarious! Yeah, they kind of are attention whores I'll admit but they have the bodies they worked hard for to be able to show them off. Although, Oleena kinda over does it...in every thread she makes...but who gives a shit it's the internet. Awesome rant though, made my morning.


Dude, you need to leave the Internet now, it's not for you.

Seriously, you are taking this far too seriously if it's getting to you on this level. Trying to control what other people get off on is a losing proposition and will lead to nut shrinkage due to frustration. Relax.



You're the one having a stroke on the internet about absolutely nothing. Now take your crying ass and go somwhere else.


The problem I'm having with this rant is you're talking about SAMA's Forum. That forum is dedicated to attention whoring, big tits, sweet asses, beautiful women, besides the 4 you just insulted.

I'm not going to go through your entire diatribe, but their are forums to help newbies, and guess what it ain't SAMA. There is something for everyone on this site. If you don't enjoy the type of banter that goes on in SAMA don't bother visiting.

The "have a nice day and fuck you" quote takes all the credibility out of your post btw. You come across as worse than some of the assholes who post in SAMA.


Do you by chance happen to be the guy in that video screaming at mcdonalds? You seem kind of bitter and angry.


As hard as it is to believe, some people have the mental capacity to gawk at pictures AND learn about training. It's slightly more technical than walking and chewing gum, but it is possible.

As for helping noobs, they need to learn how to help themselves first. They have to get into the gym and get good reps in, figuratively and literaly. No one else is going to make the info sink into their heads, especially not over the internet.


LOL I didn't read the whole post. You had me at "kiss ass for pictures of girls". This has been a phenomena here since the site opened. I've been lampooned in long ago threads for calling out girls as attention whores for certain posts, including pictures. You'd think some guys around here don't get close to girls in real life by the way they act here. I don't know what the rest of your rant said, but you got my agreement in the first paragraph.


Someone needs to have himself checked for a test deficiency. This is the gayest thread I've seen in years.


Uh yeah, Testosterone Nation...? You basically deflated your own argument. High T-levels make me wanna jump on as many women as possible, seriously sometimes I can't help but imagine the things I'd do to even to even the ugly ones when my T is high(which at 20, it nearly always is). And seeing as men are primarily aroused visually it makes sense that we'd wanna see the T-Vixen's. They do it to us as well, have a look at the TILF threads.

09'ers, eh...?


var, I have to agree. I'm not sure why the OP has a problem with guys asking for pictures of hot girls that are naked/half naked....

Maybe the OP's a fat jealous girl? It's okay fatty, you get love to now-a-days! It's the new millenium...oh, and please go swallow a pistol... :smiley:


The vast Majority of the women who post in Sama Have EXCELLENT figures. They are proud of it and they flaunt it. Your post seems fraught with insecurities, and dare I say jealousy. You have a pretty woman on your arm that's wonderful. Why would you feel the need to berate the ones here who are equally beautiful and are proud of their progress?

We have a mom of 6 kids who looks like a blonde Wonder Woman. We have a College student who if you paid close Attention made great strides in her training and you can clearly see her development. We have a Mom from a southern state who has worked hard to loose her baby weight and is actually happy about her gains. We also have a very beautiful woman from Canada who has made excellent strides in her workout regimen and damn near shuts down this entire site when she posts pics. Why would you NOT want to see pics of their progress? Or pics of them butt naked out in nature, or see pics of them in stockings, or naked as the day they were born? Stunning and reflecting what this site is about. Progress & self improvement.


I think 99% of people posting in SAMA are virgins or extremely inexperienced with 3D women in general (its driven more than a few guys to lift weights obsessively). They dont know better, but its the norm here so whatever. It can be funny but its not productive at all beyond that.


I agree, that freckled girl shuts it down when she posts!


Excellent post and well put 3hitter mate.


Okay, as one of those "attention whore" women I think I ought to respond.

I am not just in it to show off. I am trying to accomplish things here, and I'm quite aware of what a long way I have to go.

The SAMA business is light-hearted, and I was under the impression that a lot of people around here enjoyed it. I think it's pretty harmless fun. I know what you mean about compliment-seeking, and there are times when I'm ashamed of that inclination in myself, but to some degree it's human nature. We all like to be rewarded for the work we do.


wa wa wa!!!!! If you dont like it dont follow the forum anymore.