Why Agile 8 Over Limber 11?

I noticed Jim still recommends Agile 8, even in Forever. Has he ever stated why he still recommends that even though DeFranco came out with Limber 11 at least 5 years ago? I’m just curious since they both achieve the same goal.

This is probably why. If it ain’t broke…


From Wendler’s blog:

"You always suggest agile 8 for mobility , have you ever used ‘limber 11’ or the upper body routine ‘simple 6’ by defranco?

Answer: Yes, I have. I don’t think it really matters which one you do. What matters is that you do it. Getting caught up with the minor shit will ruin you."

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I figured this was the case but I wanted to verify Jim wasn’t onto something that I had missed. In that case I’ll stop sweating the minutiae.

Don’t just save it for that case. Do it for all cases.

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