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Why 35 and Over?


Why does this forum exists? What is magic about the age of 35 that warrants its own forum? I am 35 now, do I need to change my ways of the earlier days?


Quite frankly, I think 35 is young to make any changes to your training. However, everyone is different and those who do not take care of themselves in their 20's and early 30's do in fact see a dramatic change around mid 30's. But, know you as I do I don't think you need to make any changes. You are as much of a stud at 35 as you were at 25. In fact, you are even bigger and better now, so just skip over this section for the next 5 to 10 years.


Sometimes people mature and have different interests and issues as they age... but not always.


Wow, thanks. I feel like I should buy you a drink now.


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Please don't get worked up over this. You are so much more susceptible to a heart attack at your age!!


We need a place where we can discuss ED, hemherroids and sore joints without the damn kids getting involved.


Shh, don't tell them exactly what it is about, they get all scared of aging when they hear those things!


Its an integer multiple of the number of digits on the human hand?


I think one of the differences though between being in your thirties to being say in your late teens early twenties is that use it or lose it applies more than ever.

So if you don't train and just let yourself go by your thirties I think it really shows. but if you've been training consistantly from your early twenties into your thirties you can actually peak muscle mass wise in your thirites.

Power lifting records seem to peak in thirties (and decline every decade about hundred pounds from then on - Im talking about bench press - e.g. 700lb in thirites, 600lb in 40s, 500lb in 50s, 400lb in 60's, 300lb in 70's - maybe thats a huge generalisation and obviously I am talking about the best in the world for those particular figures - I was looking at the world records on a powerlifting web site a while back and came to that rough conclusion though - As a guy whose never benched heavier than 365lb for 3 reps myself those figures give me hope though that I may still be pushing some heavy weight even into my seventies i.e. yes there is a decline with age but not enough that a guy with top form for his age won't still be a hell of a lot stronger than your average guy of any age).

Also look at body builders at the peak of their carreer e.g. most olympia level competitos are in thirties as is current reiging champ whose about 38 or so (i.e. in properly trained individuals muscle mass also seems to peak around mid thirties - of course vitamin S plays some role in the case of Ronnie and his fellow competitors but I think that natural body builders also can peak in thirites too, In my case I know I have).


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I think they created it for the "older" guys that want to talk about it, but don't want to be asking 18 - 21 year old guys for advice for whatever reason. Might make it easier to admit a little weakness if the guy is your age instead of 20 years younger.


When I was a kid an old man of 38 told me,"What you do for 5 minutes 4 times a night. I do once all night long".


See now your fouling it all up. Get out of here kiddo.


"I ain't as good as I once was, but I'm as good once, as I ever was..."


This is true in a different sense as well: have you noticed how much differently someone who has eaten half way decently and trained looks in middle age versus someone who hasn't? The benefits of a healthy lifestyle become exponentially more beneficial with each passing decade. An in shape 45 year old is not that drastically different from his glory days. But someone out of shape in his 40's usually is downright scary: wrinkled skin, virtually no muscle tone, low energy, low libido, etc., etc.

I would argue that a man's peak in terms of quality of life would be in the 40's or 50's as long as he's in good physical shape if you look at the big picture...


Actually thats precisely in the sense that I meant it.

Twenties and teens you can look good (as in not look totally decrepid) even though you treat your body like shit. Once you hit your thirites is when lack of exercise and bad eating starts to show. As you say the difference increases exponentialy as you get to 40s etc.


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