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Why 2012 Won't Be The End of The World


Too bad to all those people looking to get rich quick off of this scam =(


i was really hoping for a gigantic calamity. seriously. now i have to replan my life


I still think some shit is gonna go down. I watched an hour long special on the subject on the history channel (not saying im an expert). I dont think the world is going to end, but I still believe there will be some natural disaters.


i should hope so. also, why have no time travelers ever come to the past? are we to assume that everybody in the future is responsible? or is the world going to end before we get a time machine?


Why? How? What will cause it? You do realize that most of the stuff that's supposed to call everything (solar flares, geometric pole shift) are unpredictable and are only attributed to that day because people like to hype shit up.


Maybe it's just cuz time travel isn't all that cracked up to be. =)


maybe time only goes forward. because einstein theorized that as you reach the speed of light time slows... but who knows what happens when we exceed it.


Why is the geometric pole shift unpredictable? its been proven that its happened before. I dont think its hyped up at all. They didnt mention anything about solar flares tho.


I'd like to know why as well. Not "picking" on you, just genuinely curious as to why you believe in this so strongly.


the world cant possibly end now,i havent pulled 405 yet.


Kind of hoping something badass happens, from all the hyping some people are doing. Maybe we'll get like an eclipse for a whole day or a visit from some aliens or something.:smiley:


You must have the capability to see into the future...Where can I get this trait?


I wouldnt say I believe in this strongly. Its just there is alot of evidence to support that something is going to happen.




Nothing can predict the future...Yet.


Because I was obviousley predicting the future...


Yea man, but people were freaking out about plains falling outta the sky and the world shutting down because of y2k and look how that turned out. I know next to nothing about this but it sounds like more Dale Gribble nonsense from here.


Go to the link I provided on the first post and click on the geomagnetic reversal link. It has happened many times, yes, but with incredible irregularity. Sometimes it's 40 million years between shifts, sometimes just a couple of hundred years.

Also, apparently the last time it happened was 780,000 years ago and if our primitive ancestors, homo erectus, survived through it, then why the fuck wouldn't we?


If the Mayans knew so much then what happened to them??

Thanks anyway but I won't be taking any WISDOM from a failed civilization.

BUT, if anything happens on 2012 it will be from the hand of Mankind (like some crazy cult, or super villain).


Actually the Mayans predicted that when their calendar would end, anthropologists think, they predicted that a great enlightening would happen, like their god(s) would come down and a period of peace would happen or something like that.

But who knows, not like we can ask them. Of course it becomes "end of the world" because of the Judeo-Christian religion interpretation where the end of the world is preceded by all this crazy terrible shit happening.