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Why $15Billion Won't Create a Single Job

First, off let me just say they are looking to spend over $35b on jobs and the highway. Give such benefits as not having to pay 6.9% on payroll tax (laughable). And tax credit for $1000 if an employer highers someone that has been unemployed for six months or more.

First things first, giving $35b dollars to construction businesses and other business is not going to create a job. It is going to shift jobs into a different market. Which the report did not speak on is where the 35b is coming from and what sector it is pulling from.

The 6.9% that people do not have to pay now when hiring someone that has been unemployed for more than 6 months is laughable (not laudable), because if we decided not to give power to the government all of a sudden then there would be zero tax to pay for everyone. However, since people still feel as if they are Surfs, we’ll ignore that earlier comment.

So the 6.9% and $1000 tax credit seems like they are filtering tax dollars into the construction sector (as Obama said he would fund construction work earlier in his presidency), this is the same old New Deal method. Build infrastructure on roads that no one uses, or build crappy roads. Pay lots of money that not even in good years would anyone pay, spend so much money that the turnover on Government Bonds won’t cover debt as well as taxes can go no higher (without people throwing their hands up in the air and walking away) and having to cut spending by 90% and we’ll start over like it’s 1946 again, hopefully this time things won’t go the way of 1950-2010 again. I never thought I’d be live in a Depression that would come close to the Great Depression, but Obama and his people sure are trying.

So, for all those business people out there that are getting taxed, on behalf of Obama I am sorry we are screwing with your business so our lovely construction/mafia/connected friends can received subsidies and cutbacks so that we can have more crappy roads like in New Mexico and Illinois with the shittiest roads that even people from India make sure not to drive on them.

All will be well though, just sit tight and keep the truth. Eventually people will get tired of being considered “poor” or as they used to call them “surfs.”

You seem unable to comprehend that they are taxed anyway, and since he is not raising taxes, any point you may have had falls to the ground. He is not “redirecting” this money, he is using resources that are presently idle, which is what so many people here clamor for all the time when they wax romantic about the efficiency of the market. Similarly, if an employer hires someone who is presently unemployed (which I think there are incentives for them to do in the proposal), it is not shifting jobs into a different sector.

I agree this is a half-measure, but we could draw down unemployment pretty quickly and easily if we really wanted to, but you’d decry such government direction and planning as socialist, and we can’t have that, even if it works.

Just sayin’.