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Whose Pics Do You Want To See?

Now that we have a section for posting pics, i was wondering whose pics you would like to see posted? i have a few i am curious to see: Mufasa, Monkeyboy Eric, Avoids Roids, Jason Norcross, TEK, Kelly Baggett, Bill Roberts and Joel Marion (recent pics). What about you guys? Who do you want to see?

Stella, Karma, Patricia (yeah, she’s posted some, and they’re great, but she’s much more impressive in person), Dana (hopefully she’ll send me the professional pics from the Ironman so I can post a couple). Okay, so I lean toward seeing the women’s pics. What of it?

Michelle too.

Poman: I bet that guy was all talk.

More Patricia!!! A lot more!!

I wanna see some pics of the T-Mag staff. So then I know whos ass I gotta kick to get a job like TC’s. I wanna get paid for being a smart ass. ME ME MEEEEEEEEEE.

I’m putting a pic up soon. My face will be blotched out, but it’ll be up there. Once I can get that digital camera from my mom. I might take some training pics too.

i wouldnt mind seeing drax (nathan say), hetyey 225 or whatever it was you know the HIT jedi, a decent pic of goldberg (ive seen a couple but would like a better one), dre. Pics of people exercising rather than poseing would also be good.

Ms. “I actually enjoy my cervix getting abused”… KARMA!!!

I’ve met MBE…I’ll describe him for $.50…

Actually, the pictures have had a strange effect. For awhile (this is silly) I had put your guy’s names on some of the people at my gym (that I don’t talk to). They just seemed to have the “attitude”, as well as fitting some of the description, of some of you people.

Now I've seen some of you, and you look NOTHING like I thought you would!

I’d second the motion to see Drax. I just think he’s been flamed so much that he’s left. Ah well, I liked his “No beauty, just strength” attitude.

Just a quick Q to y’all. Why does everyone always cover their faces up?

One reason people may be covering their face is for legal reasons. I for one have yet to post a pic because I am a regular contributor to the steroids discussion board. If my pic ever hits T-Mag, I too will be faceless.


I’d like to see the pic of all the people who criticized mine.

I’m still here. I don’t have any pics though.

I wonder why the Bus Driver’s pic got criticised so much?

Maybe because it had to do with being GAY PORN?

I wanna see pictures of all these so called ‘T-MEN/T-GALS’ who only participate on the forum when the topic is only about ‘Free Methoxy’.

Well, boys, I tried to post a pic yesterday but it didn’t take. I’ve been informed that there’s some sort of IE bug that they’re working on…so I sent the pic to Chris and assuming it doesn’t fall into that “no nudity” category, it should be up soon. I think it’ll make it since while I am nude, I covered the fun parts with those lovely black boxes and you see more flesh on the bikini-clad contest photos than in mine.

Well, the point wasn’t nudity (in my case any way). It’s just that, if I’m going to be looking at physique pictures, I’d rather be looking at women. I just swing that way. BTW, in my book, I find that “mystery” thing (at least partially clothed) to be much more appealing than outright “look at my twat” type pictures.

WHOA!!! The Lion made it to the front of the list! (LOL!!!)

Buster…legit request, Bro…but these are my feelings.

I would HOPE that people post their pics because they are at a point that they are ready to share with the “Testosterone” family…now…listen to what I said…I DIDN’T say they were at a point physically where they wanted to be, but at least were at a point where they were WILLING TO SHARE…

I ain’t there, Bro…at least not yet. I’m MOSTLY happy with my physique, but am I ready to share it with the gang? Not yet…

However (and you guys know this)…I ONLY give kudos and congrats to all that do post. I think it takes a lot to do that…so keep posting (all you guys are GREAT!)…and the Lion is “'gettin there!”!!!