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Whose name is more evil/barbaric Osama/Saddam/Arafat?

Very important question .

What name sounds more barbaric to you.

USAMA BIN LADEN Saddam Hussein or Arafat?

If you were to make a movie and wanted a villain to be a ruthless/barbaric leader, and you could only choose 1 out of three above names, what name would you choose?

Tough call, but probably Saddam. Unlike Arafat and Bib Laden, this guy is more directly cold-blooded in the sense that I could see him grabbing a gun himself and killing innocent people. He did gas HIS OWN people. And, how’s that other story go? He like killed his dentist and his brother. Saddam=Satan.

Joe Weider

hussein probably is the meanest but arafat sounds like a mean name

Stalin still tops the list in my opinion…

He was asking about the SOUND of the name. Therefore, I would say that Osama Bin Laden sounds the most evil, followed closely by Saddam Hussein. Yasir Arafat just sounds like the name of a whiney, skinny child, or something.