Whose crazy idea was this?!

I can’t remember how long ago, a kid came in here & wanted to know how he could drink 4L of milk in 1 hour to win a bet or something. I tried last night & got about 3L (2L in the 1st 5mins) finished before I gave up. That’s about 1650 calories, 90g of protein & about 95g of fat! (or 2512/120/130 for the whole thing) I could have made $10 but didn’t finish it fast enough. I’ve still got a stomach ache & I hope I’m not lactose intolerant or something now. I don’t think it can be done, but then, it was only my 1st try ever. If someone treats it like training, like drinking 4L & trying to take a couple seconds off each time or drinking as much in an hour as possible & having a bit more each time, maybe it’s possible.


I once belonged to this club thing, and they did cool shit there. Anyways, they would have this thing every once in a while where anyone who wanted to try to drink a gallon of milk could try, and if you did you would get 100$. Anyways, no one could do it. Your stomach cannot hold that much. No one could do it without cheating. It was hilarious, because everyone had to wear plastic bags over their heads because when you drink enough, that shit just flows out…

My wife once saw a guy try to eat a pound of butter at one sitting…he chunderd!

Discovery channel just aired a show on competative eating. Apparently there is a whole subculture devoted to it. There is a season, primarily during the summer when they hit the state fair and carnival curcuit, after “training” all winter. The season culminates in september at Coney Island where last years winner was a 150 lb man who ate 50 hot dogs w/bun. nice.

Fox (no suprise there) had a competitive eating show a few months ago. It was a riot. The winner was a little Japanese guy. They had separate rounds where they ate hot dogs, sticks of butter, etc. But the best was a huge stack of roasted “mountain oysters”.

Savannah, I saw that too. Totally nutso. It was a little skinny Japanese kid. He would dunk the hot dog buns in water (two at a time) and eat them, then eat the hot dogs that were in the buns, again, two at a time.

They mentioned on the show that extra fat can actually keep you from eating more... something about not allowing the stomach to expand.

I think it's possible to drink a gallon of milk in one sitting, but you would have to practice and work on expanding your stomach.

I tried this once on a dare from a buddy of mine… But the catch was you had to hold it down for at least 30 minutes after you finished… So no chugging it down, finishing and then puking. I got within 10 oz with 2 minutes to go… But If i drank that last glassful, it was all coming up. I shouldn’t have eaten that damn icecream before hand!

The reason it cant be done isnt because its too much, like someone mentioned the guy who ate 50 hotdogs I saw that to he also ate 21POUNDS of noodles in Japan. It cant be done in an hour because he heat from your body will make the milk curdel in your stomach forceing you to throw up, the more milk you drink the more its curdeling. But I’m not sure if it could be done with skim milk wich would make it easy but its pretty much water with milk drops in it.

This cannot be done. Didn’t you guys ever see Jackass when they tried this. I bring up to guys all of the time and many of them have tried it. Nobody has ever finished. I once knew a guy who drank milk all the time (at parties he’d show up with a gallon or two of milk because he didn’t drink). He couldn’t do it. You could drink a gallon of water, so it’s not the size that’s the problem. It’s the lactose acid. Your body simply can’t handle that much. Go ahead and try if you want, just make sure you have a big ol’ garbage bag nearby.

bullshit!!! It can be done. Well some might not be able to, but it can be done. I have done it. I almost threw it up, but i did it. In addition, i usually drink a half gallon in like 10 mins everyday. I quess i dont have a problem with it.

That “kid” was me buddy and I did it too. Smoke a joint before you do it, take a shitload of lactaid tabs, take tummy medication, and also drink acids while drinking the milk. I won 80 dollars so ha.

It CAN be done. I know this for a fact because I’ve seen it done. A local radio station here periodically has a “gallon challenge” and there’s always somebody who finishes it. I heard earlier to day that since it’s National Dairy Month or something like that, they’re gonna do another one soon. They all end up heaving it in the end, but they get it down.

It can be done. The band 311 had a contest at their concerts where if u could chug 1 gallon of milk in an hour you would win $311. Apparently a couple of guys won. If you dont believe me 311 has a Video(DVD too) showing some of their concerts. I had a friend who tried it-- he threw up