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Whose Arm in The New HIT and Other Books?

Hello Dr. Darden,

I have been reading your books for many years, and own quite a few in my collection. Throughout many of them, a recurring picture comes up, one that demonstrates the difference in muscle belly length between biceps. I believe it is one of the many taken by Inge Cook, I think. I first saw it used in either The Nautilus Bodybuilding Book, or Big Arms in 6 Weeks. Most recently it was used in New High Intensity Training (page 56) Anyway, the picture compares good to excellent potential, The arm with long muscle bellies has been noted as Casey Viator’s, but I’ve never seen notation of who is the one on the left with the good potential. I thought maybe it may have been yours, but was never sure.
So whose arm?

Good question. The arm next to Casey Viator’s was that of a man named Ron Peters. Ron was a truck driver and delivery expert for Nautilus equipment during the 1970s. He was 6’4" tall and weighed about 210 pounds. He also had a nice pair of arms . . . and yes he trained on Nautilus equipment and was very strong.

Would love to talk to that guy about the beat ways to move the Vintage Nautilus Machines. They are a BEAR to move!!