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Who's Your Inspiration?


Pretty basic question, who or what was your inspiration to start working out?
Also, you could include a picture as some people may not know who you're talking about.


CONAN (Arnold)


Very nice!


I think geting laid and the ladies is a major reason why many of us bust our ass in the gym. It was for me at least, as shallow as it sounds. Even though i get laid now, i still love going to the gym and getting stronger and looking good.


Not so much for me…
I’ve been lifting and stuff to be the strongest person I can be. I would look at guys like Schwarzenegger, Ferrigno, Hulk Hogan, Franco, and I would just want to be like them. A man chiseled out of stone.

I’ve actually found I get this a lot from girls, “I don’t like too muscular of a guy…”
If anything, I think working out could possibly, eventually slow my sex life down.


Pauly Shore.


No one, started training with my dad. Got a taste of the weights and pretty soon worked out 5/6 times a week. I will look at a few big guys and their progress once in a while, which confronts me that I am not that big. Which motivates me to get even more out of workouts and eating.




The fatso in the mirror.


Jouko Ahola

Dave Tate


Frank Yang


i started once i got into wrestling school, but its good to loose weight and stuff too, i always say that its 60% for wrestling 20% because i feel better about myself and 20% becuase i enjoy it.

my aim is a wrestler in TNA called hernandez, i think i could realistically get to his kind of figure


This back


These legs


That back is CRAZY. Are those marks from a bench shirt?








patrick bateman


my motivation at the beginning was combination strength and conditioning for football and that drive to be the strongest i could be. Now it still is that drive to get better, but mostly because i enjoy the heavy weights and everything except injuries that go along with that.