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Who's Your Favorite Weightlifter?


Mine is this guy.

Leonid Taranenko (Middle)

Cleaned and Jerked 586 pounds during his heavyweight prime.


I wish I could say an American....

but Lu Xiaojun or Liao Hui


An American---Tommy Kono.


Dude, there are many Americans worthy of mention.

Whatever happened to Pat Mendes? I know he got injured and all, but still, 20 years old with an 800-pound ATG back squat? How rare is that?


David Rigert.
If more 'modern' one then Lu Xiaojun or Klokov.


Never said there weren't Americans worthy of mention. Just saying most people are naturally going to look up to lifters on the highest stage, where no Americans are. Doesn't mean they aren't good lifters.


Pat Mendes, if I'm not mistaken, is still under suspension for a positive test for HGH back in 2012. Had surgery this year, in the process of making a comeback as a 105 (you can find some videos on youtube, I think he's snatched 155?).

And you don't get points in weightlifting for a huge squat.


Steroids should be legal. Period.

Anyway, don't forget about Paul Anderson. He was a weightlifter too. :slightly_smiling:


Regardless of your personal feelings they are against the rules and if you piss hot, you pay the price.

From what little I've read it sounds like Paul Anderson only had success as a weightlifter because he was so incredibly strong, not because of any proficiency with the lifts. For whatever that's worth.


Yeah. That's why my favorite is Leonid Taranenko... not Paul Anderson.


Nearly had 267.5


Gotta go with Apti, Klokov, and Ilin. Apti and Klokov because they're in my weight class, and Ilin because the guy is an absolute monster.


Does not compute.


Szymon Kolecki and Phamen Jelazkov are right up there for me.

Also a big fan of Artem Ivanov


Szymon Kolecki is definitely badass.


Yurik Vardanyan. 405 at 82.5.


All-time favorites: Naim Suleymanoglu (supernatural physical and mental strength), Pyrros Dimas (sheer excitement to watch)

Currently competing favorites: Ilya Ilin (masterful lifter), Apti Aukhadov (extraordinary talent and with promise of joining the ranks of the greatest)


Huge mancrush on Xiaojun. He has the appeal of Klokov but the accomplishments to back them up.


My overall would probably be Zlatan Vanev.

Close seconds would by Ilya Illin & Perepetchenov.

But I also really like: Apti, Klokov, Lu.

For crazy speed under the bar: Hristov & and again Perepetchenov.


X2 for Zlaten Vanev. The definition of explosive power!