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Who's Your Favorite T-Nation Troll?


I thought I actually saw this quetion in the 'Most Disscussed Topics' section but it was just my eyes playing tricks on me...again.

I haven't been around for a couple of months but I was wondering who is the most cynical poster here on T-Nation?

I think the work of trolls is highly underated here at T-Nation because it seems to me that it takes a troll to really get a post moving along and to stimulate people into posting...in fact it was what made me first post at T-Nation having been an innocent bystander for months.

I ask this because having heard TC's interview regarding how many discreet hits T-Nation get vs how many registered user there are here it made me wonder...how many trolls does it take to make a site great....in that how many people finally register so they can post after reading something so outrageous it forces them into action?

I am actually wondering if this will get past the Mod's and whether I will be considered a troll for posting such a question?


Can't see why the mods would have trouble with an honest question.

I just question the use of "cynical" to describe trolls. Trolls aren't necessarily cynical, but they are always obnoxious and annoying. Professor X is frequently cynical, but I never think of him as obnoxious and annoying.

And, to further obfuscate in the guise of clarification: a lot of annoying posters aren't necessarily trolls, because trolls are intentionally attention-grabbing shit-stirrers, and some pseudo-trolls are just naive twits who ought to read more before they post.

(Oh crap. I just won the vote, didn't I? When will I learn to shut up?)


Will Heffernan; because he eats too many purdys?


That guy from Great Britain who claimed to be a professor (under 6 feet and like 150-160lbs)and was in cahoots with the guy with the asian type screen name who ALWAYS got into it with the real professor, Prof X. I'll search it and get back to YOU.


Francisbullion is who I was thinking of.

Kim Jong was his defender.

Some say that they were the same person. Incredible.


I won't name them just to keep the waters smooth. I've actually had a few lately. It's fun when they have some brains, but after a while it gets annoying.


Yea, they really do belong near the top (or he really does...).


vroom, he went and made that beginner thread even though NOBODY fucking used it.

They still ask questions like "I want to gain weight and stay ripped to the bone, besides, eating more than 1200 cals a day will make me die young. Also, what's my body fat with the nike's in my left hand... and in my right?"

and yes, I just put together 3 of my favorite threads in one amazing post.


It's never fun. They ruin good discussions.

There have been alot of dumbasses, but few qualifiable trolls.

Mr. Pushups was one, KimJongBullion was another, and I still swear to God that JeffR is a political troll.


Mr. Push Ups


Al (.9 banana) Shades

But, oddly enough, I miss his banter


Who's the kid who got kicked off for sending real threats?

I think he was defending someone too. His brother or someone, something about being in jail.


0.9 banana kills me everytime. Funniest shit ever.


You mean MLS Jr, the ragdolling poker player who's mean g-unit posse will be there to back him up at the bar fights he gets into?

I can't believe I remember all this. I wonder if he's the guy writing all those prison training articles now...


HAHA, yea. That's him, LOL

Good times.


I don't have a favourite at the moment. When you look back at the quality of trolls that we have had, there isn't anyone on here at the moment that fits the bill.

There are a lot of dumb kids, but no real trolls at the moment.


CelticX! that was some funny stuff!


oh! and DW! DieselWiesel! I believe he was able to turn it around though..


Was NeilG the one-arm, wide-grip pullup guy?


No Will, you'd be considered a troll for all your posts up to and including this! haha

My favorite Will quote (paraphrase since I can't remember where it is) when asked about contents of his frequent posts:

"I believe in quantity over quality"

I think it was in one of the many Testfest threads