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Who's Your Favorite Striker/Grappler in MMA

just wondering who you guys like to watch and root for but doesnt nessesarily have to be the best

for me it’s
Striker:Houston alexander…win or lose its always an exciting fight

Grappler:GSP he can strike but he really dominates the ground. he is just so overwhemling
honorable mention to Ricardo Arona, a great grappler but also pretty decent in the standup
how bout you guys???

Fedor Emelianenko

Favorite striker - Anderson Silva

Favorite grappler - between Nogueira and Genki Sudo

Strikers- A Silva… one of few guys in MMA who combines excellent timing and technique w/ brutal KO power

Grapplers- Fedor… great in the clinch,great at passing opponents’ guard, great w/ armbars from his back, great top game, great at escapes, excellent composure, he just does everything. (he is also my no. 2 striker)

My favorite striker is Marcus Davis, the way he has turned his boxing into striking for MMA is impressive to me and he also has developed a pretty solid overall game.
Grappler is definitely Hughes in his prime, he was a wrestler that could submit and was good anywhere on the ground.


Fedor, Anderson Silva, Melvin Manhoef, Cung Le, Wanderlei Silva (pride days), Bas Rutten, Mirko CroCop, Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto


Josh Barnett, Fedor, BJ Penn, Frank Shamrock, Genki Sudo (whom I’m convinced is a Jedi), Shinya Aoki…

Yes Fedor is in both lists, he’s that good.


A.Silva, Fedor, Chuck, W. Silva, Manhoef, henderson


Barnett, Monson, Kerr, Hughs, Severn, Randelman, Sherk, henderson.

Soon to add to grapplers

Carwin, Lesnar, Velasquez.

Strikers: A. Silva, Cro Cop, Machida, BJ Penn

Grapplers: GSP, Couture, Fedor, Penn, Florian, Koscheck

I too think that Lesnar has the potential to be one of the sports best grapplers (and most dominant fighters), but he’s not there yet. I haven’t really seen enough of Carwin to know whether I’d say the same about him.

Striker…Bas Rutten

Grappler…Genki Sudo


Fedor does not even have good striking tech thats why he hurt his hand so i dony think he shiouod be up there

[quote]drewh wrote:
Fedor does not even have good striking tech thats why he hurt his hand so i dony think he shiouod be up there[/quote]

You owe me $18.57 for having to read this gobble-t-gook.

It’s not he hits hard but has poor technique why is that golbty gook


[quote]drewh wrote:
It’s not he hits hard but has poor technique why is that golbty gook[/quote]

see most people right now would say something like,

“Shut the hell up”
“get the fuck out of here”
“learn to keep your mouth shut when grown ups are talking”
“come back after you read a damn thing”
“You’re going to feel so dumb…”

But I’m nice… I’ll skip all of that and just inform you. his style is VERY much combat sambo and his punches the typical “loopy” one’s are actually called european longhooks or “casting”

The strikes seem to be “looping” but are actually very whip-like and devastating you can get IMMENSE power from them as well as striking from really unorthodox angles. Igor Vovchachyn utilizes it a lot, Oleg Taktarov did from time to time, the Klitchko bros throw them in every now and then. This is probably just a rumor but it’s said that method of punching was developed so you could punch while standing on ice or iced pathways without falling over.

And btw, Fedor pretty much outstruck CroCop… he’s a decent striker imo.

Fedor x 2.