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Who's Using Leucine?


Has anyone tried this yet? I'm interested because in a few weeks I have to have surgery to remove a pilonidal cyst and I'm going to be unable to lift for 1-2 months.

Does it work?


I use it. I don't think it's one of those supplements that you see an immediate benefit from, but the research is there for it.


I actually ordered about 2500g of it, I'm going to sprinkle 5g on some of my meals throughout the day then 10g after a workout. From the research it looks like a great supplement, but this 2500g is going to be my trial. We'll see how things go.


I will be buying some leucine with my next supp purshase it's a proven supplement like BCAAs that you can't go wrong with unlike sketchy supps


If you're going to be unable to train for a span, load up on creatine. My brother did this when he was to get his arm in a cast, and it helped him avoid a lot of wasting that could have occured.



I think I'm a non-responder to creatine and that at 10g or higher it gives me an upset stomach...


I bought a container of it but haven't tried it much because it tastes like shit. I tried it on food, in a shake, and with H20.

It is sitting right here in my bag with my other goods but I have bypassed it the last couple weeks.

Anybody else have this problem or are my test buds just that out of whack?


I have noticed a slight taste to it but think it's close enough to neutral to handle. I have put it in V8 Jiuce and Soup so far, so maybe those things mask the flavor more. I have only been using it for a couple weeks so no big changes yet.



I've had some problems trying to mix it in water etc, someone else suggested putting it on a spoon, eating it and then washing it down with water which is what i have been doing.


I dont see the problem with the taste of pure leucine, everybody has different taste buds.

However I've heard of some people masking it with eggs.


I can't taste it, I sprinkle it on some of my food and put it in my shakes as well sometimes.

So far, I think its a good supplement. I am giving it two months and then I will decide my results.


I started supplementing with L-Leucine and ReceptorMax around the same time (yeah, tisk tisk).

While it's still too early for a final verdict, the pumps are intense, vascularity is constant, strength is up, and I've leaned up a bit without eating less. (Sounds ridiculous, I know.)

I credit ReceptorMax for the last, and a combo of the two for the rest.

I'm terrible with keeping exact numbers, but I'll try to keep everyone updated.


Yeah, I can't really taste the powder itself, but it did seem to knock off some of the sweetness when mixed into my Greek yogurt and Metabolic Drive pudding concoctions.

I can't figure that one out, since I barely notice any flavor from just the powder. Maybe I burnt my tongue on a burger that day, I dunno.

I've since just gone to popping a scoop into my mouth before all of my meals.


I am thinking about stacking ReceptorMax with Leucine and Insulinomics...

I'll post a report if I do that.


Leu in water tastes like crap. In a Metabolic Drive 8oz shake it kind of ruins the yumminess. I just put a scoop in my mouth and wash it down with water.


I was looking here to see if anyone else disliked L Leucine like I do. I would advise AGAINST mixing it with eggs or anything salty or bitter. It seems to enhance the salt/bitter taste of food. I mixed it with scrambled eggs and tossed the plate after two bites.

Mixed with chili it was barely edible. Mixed with Metabolic Drive shakes -- perfect. It would probably be good with anyting sweet or otherwise sweetish, like spag sauce or pizza sauce, or with something that has a texture. I tried it with lemonade and it wouldn't dissolve, no matter how much I shook it up. Gonna keep using for a month or two. Might be worth the taste issues.


I put five grams in with my ground beef, asiago cheese, and salsa this morning. It was vile. Of course, I do feel very anabolic right now.


Agreed, tastes like shit. I just got a tub to try a week ago since it wasn't too expensive. I'm planning on putting on weight the next couple months so why not. Not even really sure what to look for as a result specifically, but if my bulking proceeds at a good rate I'll call it a success.


I will try to just put the dose in my mouth and wash it down. I have done that before but the crushed apsirin taste never left my mouth.

I guess if it yeidls results....damnit I'm gonna go eat somenow. I just had a shake and a kiwi...having tuna in 2 hours and will eat another dose then.


This interests me. How would you eat on that?