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Who's Using A Westside Template?


Just curious how many people are using a Westside Template (or variation, if that even makes sense).

Or who has used it before but still uses it as a staple in their workouts.

I just started using one for the past 4-5 weeks now and I love it.


I think alot of people are gearing towards a Westside Influenced structure, incorporating ME,DE,and RE. Obviously there are tons of way of utilzing these methods.

I prefer an Upper/Lower Split looking something like this.

  1. Bench Press 3-2-1
    A1. Incline Press 4-5 x 4-5
    A2. Barbell Row 4-5 x 4-5
    B1. CGPB 3-4 x 6-8
    B2. Bent Over Row 3-4 x 6-8

Just an example

How are you utilzing it?

-The Truth


i dont want to say i use the conjugate method, or that I use the westside method. Cause unless you train with them you're really not doing it their way I believe. But at some point that's just semantics...

I can say that I do use the ME, RE, DE methods.

I like to utilize complexes for gpp and speed/hypertrophy work, and when I'm considering muscular hypertrophy I utilize higher reps and a superset 5 sets of 5reps then an immediate 10.

I use non westside traditional exercises like for example a power clean off of a box to train my posterior chain speed-strength. instead of speed pulls.

I'm not a powerlifter, but I do see improvements in my main lifts.

My bench goes up, my squat goes up, and my deadlift keeps going up everytime i pull.

My vertical is improving, and i'm faster and lighter on my feet than I've ever been.

I can hit harder and I move faster.

I can't stop singing the praises of westside and elitefts they really helped me improve.

I went from overthinking to instinctive in no time, and I keep improving now. Just have to dial in my diet a lil better :-p


I'm using the "I Need Some Mass" template from the elitefts training templates booklet that Dave Tate gave to everyone at the Test Fest.

The first 3 weeks looked like this:
DE Bench
8X3 dynamic flat bench
Pin Press working up to 3RM
5X10 Military press
5X10 Chin-ups

ME squat/dead days I work up to a 3RM with box squats
3X6 Stiff leg deads
4X12 Pull throughs
5X20 DB side bends

ME bench days I've been working up to a 3RM on flat bench,
5X10 DB rows
5X10 DB Tate presses
5X10 High pulls
DE Squat/Dead day

12X2 Dynamic Box squats (low box)
8X1 Dynamic Deads
4X10 Back raises
5X20 Leg raises

Then I just switched up a few for the next 3 weeks, but I'm competing in a full power, RAW meet next weekend that I just found out about last week, so this past week has been preparing as much as I can for it.

I just want to compete again for the experience, then I plan on training for at least another 10 weeks (min.) before competing again.


Definitly, I agree with what was just said. I guess I could say that I train Westside, but not really. I've been using the WS4SB template, but have definitly changed it so I can't really say I train Westside. However, I definitly keep in mind the concept of ME, RE and DE and training strength, strength-speed, speed-strength and speed seperately in my training.


yea, westside is the root of all my evil...

including my new need for rock music when i work out haha


I started a conjugate approach, Westside for Skinny Bastards with two lower body days. I've had to switch some of the exercises around, but it's pretty close to the original scheme: 3-5 exercises a day, a repetition day for upper body vs. dynamic, etc.

I started last week so I've got no feedback on it. It does a nice job of making sure everything is getting worked and my goal is to add 50lbs to my squat (265 to 315), so I figured I'd experiment with some different methods.

Linear periodization has been successful for me in the past and conjugate periodization is supposed to be more effective, so I'm looking forward to it, 50lbs is a long road though.


My wife and I are using the standard template. For us it is working great. We are both making pretty good gains. We have done progressive overload linear programs and plain vanilla bodybuilding type stuff in the past, but I really haven't seen the strength increases like I have seen in the last 8 months after starting this. We have also started our own home gym which has been a major bonus. We got an awful amount of strange looks when we would do good mornings in the commercial gym.

We basically do the following:

Sunday DE Upper

-BP 8 x 3
Accessory work varies from week to week as do sets and reps
-Triceps (Close-grip Bench or 4 or 5 board press) sometimes we do pushdowns
-Upper Back/Lats (Bent over rows or pulldowns, etc)
-Some kind of shoulder press, shrug, or upright row we usually also throw in a "shoulder complex" routine consisting of raises and rotator cuff type work
-We usually do some sort of bicep work
-Abs (we usually do a quick circuit ab routine of incline sit-ups, hanging leg raises, pull-down abs, seated twists, and weighted side bends)

Mon ME lower

-ME exercise (we usually do suspended or free good mornings for 3 RM, or some sort of deadlift or rack pull. We also do ME box squats using 10-14" boxes)

We are limited in not having a GHR or rev hyper so lower assitance work includes:
-romanian deads
-straight leg deads
-Pull thru's
-Front squats
we pick assitance work based on what we do for the ME exercise.

we also do abs on this day

Wednesday ME Upper

-ME exercises we do are board presses (1-5), floor press, occassionally incline press (rare though), sometimes we do reverse grip bench as well

-Assistance exercises are similar to the DE day try to rotate them a little to avoid boredom

Friday DE Lower

-Squats 8 X 2
-Assitance exercises
We usually will do Pull thrus if we did GM's on ME day. If not I like to do a few sets for 10 or 12 GM's after Box squats. We will also do some speed pulls or snatch grip pulling if we didn't pull on Monday. We usually finish up with abs.

We have done a couple cycles of chains on bench and squat and one cycle of light band tension on the bench. In the next few months I am planning to add some more stuff to our gym like a GHR, cambered squat bar, some more bands, maybe a jump strech platform (probably will build this myself). I am also planning on trying to get some more lifters to train with us. We are planning to start competing this summer in some local meets as well.

Overall, as I stated before I really like this program. My joints don't hurt anymore and I feel better than I have in the past five years of training. Well hopefully you are still awake after all this



I'm using the two-day split from the Template Guide along with some additional stuff on other days.

I've used the Mass Gaining program in the past. It worked well too.


Hey SWR,

My goal is not powerlifting but I utilize ME days for the Bench and Squat. I don't do any DE work as I don't see it being of any benefit for me right now.

My other two workout days I incorporate higher rep (8-15) movements for the upper and lower body.

I'm getting bigger and stronger. I like it.


I am using the three day a week template completely modified..


DE Squat(but only 4 sets, warmup)
Squat(up to 2 work sets, diff reps schemes every 2 or 3 weeks)
ME Squat(quad based exercise for 2-5 rep max)
Overhead press(Some sort, 2 work sets not too hard)
Barbell Curls

DE Bench(but only 4 sets, warmup)
Bench(2 work sets, diff reps schemes every 2 or 3 weeks)
Repitition bench
ME Bench(Changes every 2 to 3 weeks)
Tricep work
Calf Work

ME DEAD.(Something to up my dead, rack pulls, zerchers, dead off platform, etc,,,dead from floor every 4-6 weeks)
Lower Back/Ham work(usually 6 sets or so of whatever I feel like. Good Mornings, Hyperextensions...)
Lat Work( Pullups, pulldowns, 6-8sets)
Neck/Gripwork if needed.

WEEK 2 All this does is switch it up to give me some extra rest..

DE Bench
ME Bench

DE Squat
RE Squat
ME Dead
Upper Back

Push Press(rep schemes alwyas changing)
Behind the neck, Seated press, Dumbells (Changes every two or three weeks
Barbell Curls

I also do two days of cardio(run) at 60-65% of my target heart rate twice a week with some box jumps, or sprints, or jumprope thrown in.

This workout has taken me to meet all my goals the last year. I will go in and do a light week when i feel wornout and do 10x3 with a weight that i can get 8 reps with.

Truthfully all programs suck. It doesnt matter what you do if your not going in with the right attitude and lifting enviroment you wont improve.


Conjugated all the way, with special attention to raw benching.


I'm still using Defranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards. Dramatic improvements in my strength levels. I've been using it for about 7 months, and its done wonders.


Template I've been using for 2weeks, changing in another 2-3 weeks... (cutting volume some, and adding a lot more reactive strength movements)
... format is kinda typed weird cause it's on my sidekick, just copied it from there. It's for football. I play basketball on sundays. active recovery.

It seems like a lot of volume, but I really dont do shit except workout, drive to work, walk to class, take naps, and study.

So it's good for me.

ME: box squat
Rdl on box- 5x6(shrug)
Stepups- 5x10
GM- 5x10
Super side bends- 3x6
Twist ab pull downs- 5x10

ME: incline bench
Incline dbell (1 1/2 technique) 5x10
csRow/ csRow shrugs 5x10/5
JM press/ dips 5x6/10
Shrugs/hi-pulls 5x5/10

Quick toe touches x 20
Forward lunges x10/leg
Side lunges x10/leg
Wide bw squats x20
Straddle stretch x20
Hip circles x20
Mountain climbers x10/leg

5-10-5 x 4
Pro agility x 4
Zig zag x 4
Back pedal & break r/l x 2/side
Lateral cone hops 3x20

Hamstring stretches
Quadricep stretches
Hip flexor stretches

DE: box squat 8x2
Snatch + ohs 8x1
Rack pull + shrug 5x6
Back raise w/ pause 4x12
Power squat (675-600#) 5 x amrap
Dragon flag 4x3
W. Situps 3x8

DE: speed bench 8x2
Pin press to 3rm
OH press (1 1/2 technique) 5x10
Pullups/Rear Delt Machine 5x12/15
Bench (225#-185#-225#) 3 x amrap

Quick toe touches x 20
Forward lunges x10/leg
Side lunges x10/leg
Wide bw squats x20
Straddle stretch x20
Hip circles x20
Mountain climbers x10/leg

Ankle jumps 3x20
Depth jump 5x3
40yd x3
30yd x3
20yd x4
10yd x4

Hamstring stretches
Quadricep stretches
Hip flexor stretches


Benching 100# dbells 5x10
Back Raise 90# for 'easy' 10reps
weighted situps 10 with 45lb plate
dragon flag 5reps
CSR 4 Plates for 2 of 8
Rack pull 6 plates for 5


my current template is westside inspired - but again I don't think you train 'westside' unless you attend their gym. But lets not get caught up in semantics eh?

My current template:

Day 1
ME Upper body

Day 2

Day 3
ME Lower body

Day 4

Day 5
SE upper body

Day 6
as day 2

Day 7
SE or DE lower body

SE is sub maximal exertion. James Smith wrote about it and 'Jackass' has been utilising it in his workouts. I feel it benefits me more than DE work - for upper body at least, the jury is still out with the lower. When I use that I sometimes precede my ME work with some reduced volume DE stuff.

In addition I tend to do a couple of extra workouts with bands to target weak points.

Indicators - perhaps more aptly called realistic goals for accessory work...

Bench press
OH press 175lbs RE method
Barbell row 225lbs RE method
Close grip bench 275lbs RE method
2 Board press 360lbs ME

RDL 275lbs RE method
rack pull 470lbs ME
Good morning 245lbs RE method
low box squat 405 ME

my squat and deadlift are a bit shit at the moment. This will improve over the next year though. I want a 570kg (around 1265) total by this time next year....


For the weighted situps is that with the plate behind your head or on your chest? I can do 7 or 8 decline dragon flags, but 3x10 with a 25 behind my head is the upper limit for situps.

I'm rehabbing a shoulder, but have been doing lower on a westside influenced template.


The westside template is without a doubt the best way to get strong, although alot of people dont use straight westside. Its more the conjugate method, because westside is specifically for powerlifting. Westside methods can be used in other programs that utilize the conjugate method. Like i also train for strongman so i use strongman implements in my training.

DE bench- 8x3, or bench to 3-5RM
OH press- 3x5, or push jerk- 1RM
CSR- 5x5
incline db press- 2-3x10
hammer strength high row- 3x10

DE squat- 8x2
speed pulls- 5-6x1
hang snatch/power clean- 1-3RM
single leg movement- 5x5
45 hyper- 3-4x10

ME bench- 1RM, then downset for 5
log press- 1RM, or 3-5 board for 3RM
pullups- 3x10
EZ-bar rows- 2-3x10
pulldowns- 2-3x10
hammer curls- 2-3x10
band pushdowns- 2-3x10

ME squat- 1RM, then downset of 5
farmers walks
husafelt stone
tire flips
sled drags

We dont always use all those exercises on saturday, but we will pick 3-4 and do them. As far as my max effort rotation here is what it is.

Bench press
week 1- reverse band press
week 2- 2 board press
Week 3- floor press
Week 4- bench press or shirted bench

week 1- low box squat with safety squat bar
week 2- reverse band deadlift
week 3- high box squat or suited squat
week 4- pulls off boxes or rack pull

So as you can see i dont train straight westside because on Monday i dont always use the dynamic effort method, i'll use something like metal milita does and work up to a 3-5RM on raw bench. And i also train with strongman implements. Useing the conjugate template is not simply about following one program or what one gym does. Its about figure out what your needs are and adding them into your template to make it work for you. This is the beauty of the conjugate system, it can be modified to work for any sport/goal. When you figure out what your training needs are, thats when your strength will really take off.


About 2 years now.


just purchased the templates from elite fts - mainly due to the good revies some of you guys have given it on this thread. Westside is coming to My little rainy part of cloudy grey England.

Minus the bands for now.


I'm trying out a Westside inspired template for Olympic lifting. After talking to James Smith over at Elitefts he suggested I break it up into two days devoted to the clean/snatch and two to the jerk. I only do the full clean and snatch once a week heavy, but practice lighter versions for very high reps throughout the week.

Sunday SE Jerk
Power Jerk 10x2
Steep Incline Press 3x5
Overhead Lockout 3x3 (like an overhead pin press)
Side Bend 5x6

Monday ME Clean/Snatch
Good Morning 3RM
High Pull 3x3
Front Squat 3x5
Incline GHR 3x8

Wednesday ME Jerk
Push Press 1-3RM
Military Press 3x3
Weighted Chin 3x5
Pulldown Abs 4x10

Friday SE Clean/Snatch
Squat Snatch 10x1
Squat Clean 10x1
Front Squat 5x5
Glute Ham Raise 5x10