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Who's tried Swole's 7 days to ultimate leanness?


I think I'll be giving it a shot in a month or so.. If you did it, how were your results?


i recommend you PM Timbo. he has a program that he and thunder devised that in my opinion is better than swole's.

not to mention he will be there for you to answer questions and help you the entire way.

swole wrote an article here and disappeared. there were many questions in regards to his article and he never returned to answer them.


I just came off this program, followed it except for some minor modifications. I tend to be VERY carb sensitive, so I reduced the number of carb days to 2, instead of the recommended 3. Other than that, I followed it to a T. My take ? I?m currently 6% body fat at 175, and I felt like I looked GREAT at the beginning of the carbup, the first 18 hours or so. I've literally NEVER looked so tight and dry, although I was still a little flat. As the carbup progressed, I filled out a bit, but I felt like I began holding water, even though my water intake was reducing. (By the day, drinking 1 liter of water a day when you are used to at least two gallons SUCKS! That was the hardest part, carbs I can do without, lack of water makes me feel like SHIT!) Anyway, I?ve read Thunder and Timbo?s thread, and taking that into consideration, if I were to do this again, I would NOT use complex carbs (sweet potatoes) throughout the carbup, rather start with simple carbs, maltodextrin/dextrose (never tried the pie filling as their thread suggests), and switch to lower glycemic sweet potatoes the second day. I would also NOT start to restrict water until the day before, as I feel this was my biggest mistake. Right after starting the carbup with a high water intake I looked great, but I think my body went into panic mode when I reduced the liquid and began holding water within 24 hours. All in all, a great program, and great learning experience, as this was my first time with a true contest prep type diet, it was very cool to see my body change drastically in so short a time. But again, I would NOT again restrict water so soon. As always, your results may vary! I?d love to hear anyone else?s comments/suggestions/responses, especially Thunder and Timbo?s.


I am not a fan of the gradual water restriction many use. That is exactly what causes aldosterone to increase. I think one should keep it as high as possible and then just cut it off. However, it's not a matter of water elimination, but water manipulation and this is where it gets very individual.

Some people can cut the water off completely, and not flatten out. Other people need to keep drinking (sipping) to make sure they stay full. Another variable is WHEN to cut the water. For some 18 hrs is right, for others they need more or less time.

If come Saturday morning you wake up after a carb up/fat load like I suggested previously and you're flat, you cut the water off either too early or too hard and you need to drink water. If you wake up full, tight and hard, you don't drink.

If your muscles are flat, you'll have the illusion of actually holding water. Chances are this isn't the case though. Flat muscles don't push against the skin like a full muscle does and a full muscle needs water. \

Your choice of diuretic also makes a difference. I've found that herbal diuretics can draw from the muscle more than prescription diuretics in some people.


Haven't tried the program, but just to give swole his due, he did come back and answer those questions. And apparently he's just undergone surgery on both knees, so that would explain why he's been out for a while.


I tried Swolecat's plan, and I agree with Ironliftr3 and Thunder. Like Ironliftr3, the plan did make me look incredible, but I peaked around my first day of carb-up/restricted water intake. Personally I prefer Thunder's method where water intake is lowered abruptly right before "showtime." Prolonging the water restriction over the course of days felt unnecesary and counter-productive. However, I need to try Swolecat's plan again to see if I can make it more effective by modifying some of the variables a bit. Things of this nature really need to be customized for the individual.


First off you got SC wrong on disappearing . The man is always there to answer a question when you have one.

His programs are off the Chain too . Much different than the "traditional" old ways you read in the Mags .

For any doubters , I say give one of his programs a try and follow it too a T! Then come back and give your opinion . Only after you have done all that is said to do.



Thibaudeau is living proof of this man's ability.


As with all things, chances are you aren't going to get it 100% right with your first try. Yeah I'm sure some minor modifications might need to be made with some people but hell, his article was written for the masses, not for an individual with specific carbohydrate requirements. To say you had good results eventhough your body doesn't respond "normally", then I'd say that is even more impressive to me. I have tried this diet twice. The first time I made some "small" modifications that I thought would work better for myself (wrong). I was happy with the results but I thought I might have made a few errors. The second time I followed the diet without trying to outsmart Swole's plan and it worked even better. After the awesome results I've obtained using his Swolegenix program, I should have never tried to manipulate the Man's plan.



Please, pay attention:

First off, supporters, these guys are referring to the 7 days to leanness article, not one of my customized SwoleGenix/SwoledUp Programs.

As far as "ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS", I'm afraid those who have concerns cannot read. In my article, it specifically states to CONTACT ME for information and FREE HELP! I will NOT check in here, searching for threads about my programs. That is not my job, my job is to help those who PAY me for consultation and programs both via e-mail/phone/IM/ and my message board at www.gotswole.com. (THE SWOLEFORUMS)

I did have surgery, yes, and my time is spent helping those who are on my programs. I wrote this article, as I did another weeks before, and I offered to help any of you, yes, but YOU HAVE TO TAKE INITIATIVE and contact ME. I will not hunt you down in search of those who wish to try it out. In my profession w/my paying clientele, I have no such time.

So, bash away if u wish, it's a guide for you to follow and tinker with. As far as someone else's being "better" and they will "be there" , blah blah blah, there is nothing I can say.

The only thing I can say is you may wish to actually READ the said article again, and follow directions on contacting me DIRECTLY if you need assistance. I'm one of the most open/helpful people on this earth, but I don't have a Spidey sense to know when people are in need, far far away!

Until my next appearance in T-Mag, (in a few weeks), good day! :>)

CEO Vizual X-Cellence 2K3


Now THAT is a standup reply.


I am on one of his programs and he IS one of the most open/helpful people on this earth. I have trained for 3 years and never gotten reslults like I have in the past 12 weeks.

I can assure you that he sticks by every word he says!


"As far as "ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS", I'm afraid those who have concerns cannot read. In my article, it specifically states to CONTACT ME for information and FREE HELP!"

"The only thing I can say is you may wish to actually READ the said article again, and follow directions on contacting me DIRECTLY if you need assistance."

based on your recommendation i took the "initiative" to re-read your article, and nowhere in the entire article does it say to contact you for help nor does it list any contact info!


Swole provides the people on his programs with excellent guidance and support and answers all questions posed to him. He has been the single greatest help I have ever had in my transformation process.

An "A+" guy!!


P-DOG - at the bottom of the article, the following was listed:

To learn more about one of SwoleCat's customized dietary programs, contact him at his website: www.SwoleCat.com or www.gotswole.com. You can also email him direct at swole@SwoleCat.com.


I'm on swole's program and it rocks. Like pug said, don't comment until you've actually work with swole on his program. Just for reference, I've e-mailed folks on various forums, including T-mag, and sometimes or most times, never get a response back. That doesn't mean they are not for 'real' or whatever. People get busy or shit happens.

Like the old saying goes, put up or shut up.


Ah ha!

That's the problem. In the editing (that I did NOT do, the final editing) I did have a statement in there to contact me for help w/the 7 day article if one needed it, and that I could help give more accurate amounts based on one's stats.

So, that is where the mis-communication lies, and although it's not my fault that my free offering got taken out, it was in there! I suppose I am not allowed to "advertise" my services, that is why it was taken out. In the article about me, my info was given, but it was because the article was indeed about me.

My offer still stands bros. If you are interested and need help, you may contact me at swole@swolecat.com. I am willing to help you, yes, but I cannot locate you all, you'll have to find me.

Sound good? I just wish we could all drop the animosity and hater attitudes and enjoy the sport we all love without these hang-ups. If you believe someone else's last week methods are better, great, more power to you I am glad u found something that works!

However, my door is always open, and those who know me know this to be true! Again, sorry for the edit that took place, but that was out of my control!



that clears everything up, thanks for offering your services.


Like anything of quality, individualism is very important. What works for one might not work for another. Swolecat is the type of person who works based on the individual. Try one of his programs. Pay for the service and he will be there for you the whole way through and modify it for your individaul needs as necessary. This is a stand-up guy, who deserves your respect of his work. Remember, he's trying to pay his bills with the work he's put into his programs, you should respect that.