Whos the worst training partner?

Hey who do yall think would be the worst training partner…between Richard Simmons, jenny Craig, and the subway guy. i know i know not much on choices lol…i would say the worst would be richard simmons…i would be afraid he would molest me half way through the workout…and i sure as hell dont want to see him doing squats in those damn dazy dukes lol…benching would be a problem as well…god knows what i would see stairing up…then you have to contend with the freaking music he would insist on playing…sweating to the oldies…or some crap like that lol…well i cant wait to see what you all write…lets be creative and funny lol…

Worst workout partner? Probably Ozzy Osbourne. The guy would want to bite the head off my biceps whenever I do curls.

My mom. Did it once. Here’s a quote from the experience: “Hope don’t strain your face like that - someone might be looking!” This is no joke. She really said that.

Pick any supermodel. I’d try to show off during a decline bench or something and crush my throat when the bar slipped and fell :slight_smile:

My dog.

How about the big guy I just saw at school doing curls in the squat rack while wearing wrist straps?

Christopher Reeves or Stephen Hawking.

im not sure, they would all suck, but i really hate jared(the subway guy), but i would rail the one chick in the new subway commercial :slight_smile: