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Who's the Strongest Nation?


Last week i was chatting with some powerlifting friends and we come on a question, which nation are the strongest, which one have the most strongman in their country? (i don't want to make war, ok it's just chatting)
I give you our conclusion.

  • USA have a lot of strongman, normal because they have a lot of people in their country, and they have good easy informations or supplements. but i did not see a lot of american win, the strongest man, but in weightlifting and bodybuilding it seem to have a lot of world champ. And Paul Anderson for legend....just to name this one...

-Canadian, i'm one of them, we have a lot of strongman here in many strenght sport, we don't have big population. Just to name a big name, we have Hugo Girard, he won the super series a couple of years before. And in our strongman legend we had Louis Cyr. But i can't say that we are the strongest nation in the world, because we don't have a lot of 'official' strongman versus our population.

-Africa, i just know Bedenhorst who win the strongest man,....and i'm not shure he's totaly african!!!

-For the South america....???? not shure, maybe some world strongman.

-Chinese, Japonese, Vietnam.....(asian people, sorry for all of you, i can't make differance between a japonese or a chinese, maybe same thing for you between canadian and american!!!_)In asia they have a lot of good weight lifter, maybe some of the best in the world, little asian who are able to lift 25 times their weight (i'm kidding) it's tof to beat, or Sumo wrestler, but with the fact that they have a lot of folk in their country (1/3 of the world population) i don't give them the strongest palm for that reason. sorry


  • North europe (bulgar, russian, Ukraine and all Pudzianowkfolk) I think, for my part that their are the STRONGEST nation of the world. Here my reason:
    1-They win almost all of strongest man contest, Think about Pud, Ahola, Sagmuelson, Sigmerson....the list is long.
    2-We always have a name who sound like Vicking old name in the olympic top 3. 3-In fighting same things,
    4-Armwrestling to (but american are really strong in that)

That's my opinion, maybe your are different.

Don't be racism, be fair!!! It's just to chat...


I don't know about having the strongest nation or the most "Strongmen" competitors per capita but it sure seems to me Canada has a decent share of the worlds body builders and very fine looking women! I'm from Detroit and I swear as soon as I cross the boarder into Windsor the hot women are everywhere! (useless fact of the day Detroit is the only place in the continental US that you have to go south to get to Canada)


Yeah, we have some hot women here in the great white north (especially in montreal), but hot damn I love southern belles from the U.S.! Pick me a Georgia peach any time.

As far as the strongest nation goes, I'd say it's gotta be one of the eastern block countries.


Regarding the most beautiful women, let me just point out that the current Miss World is Icelandic.

Now, for the strongmen. Icelanders have often been strong competitors in the WSM competitions. Jon Pall Sigmarsson won 4 and Magnus Ver Magnusson won 4. That is 8 wins for Iceland out of something like 30 competitions. Benedikt Magnusson is moving away from powerlifting and more into strongman competitions, and will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come (he is only 23 years old). There are more guys in Iceland making their way to the top ranks, but they are relatively unknown and only time will tell if they'll persevere and become top competitors.


Around 27% of WSM wins have gone to Iceland. (And for the last 21 years Miss World 3 times).

Do you realise that Icelanders are only 300thousand?

Please, take a moment to let that sink in...


I was just thinking of starting a thread asking who has the strongest dad, but this one is much better!

j/k :slightly_smiling:


My country is stronger than your country....

I miss 3rd grade also.


Ha! The current Miss Universe (World? Pfft!) is Canadian.

So there.


I would say that the Nordic countries have a lot of bad ass mofos because of so many sucessful Strongmen from that area. As far as weightlifting and powerlifting, Eastern Europe seems to have a lot of sucessful lifters.


Eastern europe, Turkey, Iran, and Scandinavia seem to have large strength sport followings and lots PLer, OLers, and/or SMers. That said, there some counties that almost certainly have many strong athletes that are not in the game so to speak. I believe this is true of the US. I think we have all seen guys who are freaky strong gym rats that are not familiar with the these sports- which are limited to relatively small cult followings here. These are guys who trained for football, or BBing, or just for the hell of it.


You kinda grouped all Northern Europeans together Scandanavians and Slovaks and while both are amazingly strong the Scandanavians time may have passed because in most strength sports Slovaks(Poland, Lituania, Chezek, Eastern Russian,etc) are doing amazing Pudjanowski, Zaphicas, Kutcher just to name a few


Maybe your right, there a lot of people who are strong in other sport like football, but there are farmer people who are very strong to in canada, i know a man who ever lay on a bench, i had to explain how does it work, and he bench 375 the first time he hit the bench !!! I know that's nothing in iron world but he is a pure strenght, so for reason like that, i only take powerlifter, strongman weightlifter, people in the iron game.

And by the way, if testosterone nation would be a country it would certanly the strongest nation in the world!!!!


What does this mean? The OP stated he was just asking for comments, not trying to start a war. I'm not getting this at all. Maybe 3rd grade misses you also. Post something relative or stfu. The Christian bashing threads could use a guy like you.


I have to point out that the nordic countries are doing it quite nice in both powerlifting and strongman.. :wink:




What is your secret?


Well, we have the hormons needed to make use of the proteins from milk, we are in general active (well, lesser the later years.. :frowning: ), being strong is positive.. good genes.. :wink: And ofcourse, we have winter and snow.. ! :smiley:




North europe (bulgar, russian, Ukraine and all Pudzianowkfolk) I think, for my part that their are the STRONGEST nation of the world. Here my reason:
1-They win almost all of strongest man contest, Think about Pud, Ahola, Sagmuelson, Sigmerson....the list is long.

Nice job putting all these in one group! Scandinavians and Poles? Would you group together Canada and Argentina too?
And by the way, Bulgaria is not north Europe, it is way in the south.

As for Russians, I don't think they have many prominent strongmen, and Ukraine, well, I am Ukrainian, there's only one famous strongman, Vasyl Virastyuk, that you might have heard of on the international stage, he trains in my gym, by the way, and he is not in the same league as top Scandinavians and Pudzianowsky.

So, if I were to answer the origional question, which one the strongest nation is, meaning which one produces a lot of top strongmen, I would say Iceland, Finland, Sweden, and then some exceptions like Pudzianowski here or there elsewhere in the world.


And you kind of grouped all Slavic nations and called them Slovaks:)

Let's say we were talking about football and I would say this: In football Californians (Texans, Oregonians, Arizonians, Georgians and Canadians) are doing great...

Slovaks is the name of one of the nations in Estern Europe, and the country is called Slovakia by the way. I think you also mena Czech by Chezek, however, I am confused what you meant by Eastern Russians? There is no Eastern or Western Russia, it's just Russia.
I don't mean to sound rude, however, as I mentioned previously I live in Ukraine and when I lived in the US (went to school there for five years) it drove me crazy when people asked me where I am from and five minutes later would say "oh, you are from Russia, right?" And then when I would say no, I'm from Ukraine, I would hear "well, isn't it a part of Russia?" My answer ususally was: Is Florida a part of Texas?
Hm, I actually miss those days...


Lotta big nordic people out there. I think it is a combination of genetics and a great diet for size. Herring has enormous amounts of protein, calcium, and creatine in it.