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Who's The Guru/Mentor Here...


Who on this forum would be the best person to ask questions off-line?



My bet would be Phill.


Dumb response because I didn't read the section it was in.

Prisoner 22 and bushidobadboy seem like real smart guys.


Who is Phill?


Dr. Phil duh!

T-Nation member Phil.


I missed the section too, blind.


In my short time here IMO,

Prisoner 22, Schwarzenegger and bushidobadboy.

I have read a lot of what they say with great interest. When they have something to say I would listen.


Ah, yeah, Phil. Phil is a great contributor to T-Nation as a whole. I was thinking it was someone in the steroid forum named Phill.

Anyway, I am on this site probably way too often, so I'm around, and I'm always willing to answer questions the best I can, or direct you to who can provide a better answer.

IMO, there are about ten guys on this board that know their shit enough to have my respect when it comes to getting solid advice for anything beyond beginner stuff.

Of the people that actually log in and post often enough for me to know they're around, I would say prisoner, bushidobadboy, and rainjack are very knowledgable and have been here a long time. Prisoner and rainjack will cut you the real deal and won't sugar coat anything. BBB is nicer, so if you're the sensitive type he might be a better choice.


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I've learned a ton from all these guys and I'm listing them in no particular order: BBB, Schwarzy, juice20, RJ, P22, sapasion, TheBeat, morepain, Wide, ubl0.


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Thanks you guys. I'm reading all I can so I don't ask too many stupid questions. I am a newbie to this topic.


The only real guru around these woods is eliteballa3


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I think this makes it apparent that stupidity will gain more notoriety than intelligence. Sad, but true.

His two threads did have some really funny tidbits though.


He single-handedly inspired a PhotoShop revolution. The creative level of this forum quadrupled with that one picture.


Thanks. I agree with that list in general.

There are a lot of great guys here, and don't forget that the 'littler known' contributors have much to offer as well. Everyone has their strengths and experiences.


Bushy or P22 Hands down.