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Who's the Forum MVP?

I’ve noticed that several people spend a lot of time/effort replying to questions/comments, yet receive little recognition in return. Based on this, who do you think should be named a forum MVP? Winners will receive a lovely boquet, and the respect/admiration of their peers!:slight_smile:
(T-mag writers are ineligible)
Personally, I like P-DOG’s sarcasm and morg’s ridiculous pictures, but in terms of strictly good info, it’s a tough call.

Interesting, TC and I just finished an article where we give out various “awards” for different things. One of them is Best T-Forum Poster. It’ll be interesting to see if you guys come up with the same person we did.

WideGuy’s wang is by far the forum O/T forum MVP. As of recently I think its gotta be Big Martin in the Powerlifting forum. Tampa Terry for Nutrition. Thunder for looking good Nekid, and a tie with Squat1000 and that other fucktard in the Photo Forum.

there are a lot of knowledgeable and very helpful posters here. personally i think the women on this forum got us men beat! without pissing anyone off…

my vote goes to Tampa-Terry and Patricia.

no disrespect to any of the others, but tampa and patricia take time out to help people when most of us including me get impatient and flame away.

Depends on which topic.

Monsieur Quebec, NeilG…Anyone who shows us pictures of them doing 1/4 squats and calling it “parallel”

…Seriously though, I think Tampa Terry deseves mention.

Everyone’s an MVP in my book.

big dumb grin

Tampa Terry. Just seems to go out of the way to help all who are in need.

Tampa Terry - Most helpful

Cupcake - Most entertaining posts

Patricia - Best butt pic (i.e. Wonderbutt)

Me - Longest posts read by the fewest people.

Tampa Terry - without a doubt, by far

Char dawg - for kicking my ass into gear
Goldberg - for he’s “shut the hell up and lift” attitude!

I don’t think I have ever read a post from TT that wasn’t helpful and positive!

my vote goes to Tampa Terry as well he really goes out of his way to help and is very smart.
second goes to drago in the roid forum,another one who is smart,helpful,and funny…

I agree w/ all about TT being the MVP as far as giving insights on nutrition.

Think all have done a great job in making T-mag a great place too learn get new info on training etc. also discuss politics issues etc.

dave Tampa-terry is a female.

I think it would definately have to be broken down into categories
Here are my picks:
Nutritional information: Tampa Terry
Training information: Thunder and Patricia
Powerlifting/strength training info: Goldberg, Big Martin, Heavy, and Landon Evans
Entertainment: Cupcake and Karma(although she has’nt been around much lately)
Imparting common sense: Char dawg and Steelyeyes
Ispiration: Colin Wilson (a dude who made some great changes in his body and continues to train hard into his 40’s)
MILF’s:(in no paricular order) Karma, Eva, Iron Maiden, Solo’s girl. I hate to leave out Patricia and Cass, but they need to squeeze out some pups before they make the list. Although Patricia is mom to a few birds.

char is too old. We’ll just make him a hall of famer.

Agree on TT for helpful, informative and always positive.

Cupcake for humor and man-hugs.

And maybe Zeb for best nanny.

I would have to cast my vote for SteelyEyes. Most well rounded poster. Can post good quality, supportive, and funny stuff on any thread. Always makes sense.

My bad,sorry Terry…

Im a big 'Cake fan so he came to mind immediately. Has he EVER posted without a quote at the end?

I think Dan “Appropriate Middle Name” McVicker deserves some award, but not sure what it is.

Some one hinted at it, but ZEB gets the “What would Jesus do?” award.

Morg for the “Pictures tell a thousand words” award.

P-dog and mdog for the “they know way too much about each other” award.

Don’t worry BigPoppa. Discretion being the better part of valor, I am refraining from handing out the “ignorant assholes” awards. Oops.

I think I should get an award for staying on this forum this long no matter how much the grammer/spelling police flames me.