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Who's The Boss?


Ok, so i went to my new "sports doctor" and i wanted to get some blood work done. nothing major just the usual. he told me that because i was not on aas, and have no family history of heart disease that i can't have a blood test. he said if i start aas, or turn thirty i can get one. what the fuck, if i want a fucking blood test can't i just get one? is it really that hard?

also, i had mentioned serious pain in my shoulder. he managed to change the subject, and completely dismiss my problem. then he hurried me out the door and went on his way. i was so suprised that i forgot that i had mentioned it to him. what a fucker. thats why i hate doctors, you can never get a striaght answer from them. they always have something more important to do that help. maybe he was thinking about his ferrari, or yatch or something.

anywho, i will be changing doctors soon, any suggestions on what i need to say, if anything to get what i want. do i have to lie? why can't they just do what the fuck i tell them to?


You said it brother!

I have been through a large number of doctors, as they all mostly have the same attitude.

Unfortunately, they see themselves not as someone working for you, but someone above you.

YOU don't know what you want until THEY tell you.

They make me SICK!


By the way I did finally find a semi good doctor who will actually do what I want him to do.

I thank God I don't need him all that much. But when you have a family it's good to have a doctor on hand.

Keep looking, but don't expect a quick solution.


I get one yearly. There is a family history of heart disease though. If I didnt have that it would be once ever 5 years under 30 and now that I'm 30 it would be once every 3 years. If the doctor cared he could get the test for you easily.


Doctors, like teachers and cops, are a cornerstone of our society. Good ones go unnoticed, while the bad ones stick out like a sore thumb.

A good doctor won't do what you tell him (or her) to. They're the expert, not you. That said, it's a crappy doctor who doesn't listen to your concerns.

That's the first thing you've got to look for in shopping for a new doctor. Are they listening to your concerns? Are they addressing them (even if you don't like the answers)? Are the answers you're getting open to options? Doctors who diagnose or dismiss something too easily fail to account for human error. Look for one who acknowledges options, and seeks to eliminate possibilities to arrive at a solution.

Best of luck, man.


Your insurance company is your doctors boss.

If we go to socialized medicine the government will be his boss.


My biggest beef with doctors is they always seem to be in such a hurry. You can't go into great detail about the problem you have and, God forbid, you have more than one issue to talk about.

To Doctors: If you are overworked, don't take any new patients. First, learn to take care of the ones you have to their satisfaction, then worry about getting new ones. I mean come on, I spend 5 minutes with him and the bill is over a hundred bucks. That should be worth at least 10 minutes.


And it will all suck harder!


Back in 96... or 97... whenever it was that I moved to Huntsville, a co-worker recommended a Doctor. I gave the Doc my medical history, told him how a few illnesses affect me and advised what meds work for me. I also asked for a few refills of meds I ocasionally use. He just looked at me and said, "Well, you know you body better than I do" and he started writing scripts. I was stunned. I really hated losing that type Dr. when I moved back to Oklahoma.


well at least i'm not alone. well i better get to finding a "good" doctor. that was the first time i saw that guy, and it will be the last.