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Who's the Best TRT Doc in Country?

My endo doesn’t know crap! Online hrt clinics just want to sell products and give you whatever u want. I want the best or very reputable hrt doc in the county to give me a consultation on my trt. I’m registering with dr saya but I’m turned off by their strong advice to get labs through them when I can get them for free. I don’t even want meds as I can get them on my own (plenty of doc friends and my endo is my friend and writes my T, but she doesn’t know much at all!)… I just want a consultation to see if I’m on the right course…

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Background, low t 150 four years ago, last TT was 40 last year.
On 26 mg SQ every 3 days, hcg 120 every 3 days and unsure if it works.
TT now is 450-550, E2 29, all else in normal range…

Not sure if I need 400 hcg every 3 days and add in .5 arimidex on those days as well etc…

Ur t dose seems low. Usual dosage is 100 mg a week. 50 every 3.5 days.

Dr Crisler.