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Who's T-Nation's Best?


In an attempt to weed out the nonsense posters and those handing out advice that some would call questionable I think we should have a little best of thread. Here are the rules.

1: Put the persons name and WHY you selected them.

2: Keep them in number order so its easy for people to identify as the read through the thread.

3: Keep it training specific i.e. no "hottest body" "Best republican", if you choose to add a category.

4: NO T-Nation AUTHORS Keep it members only!

So without further adieu.....

1: Best Diet advice.

2: Best Powerlifting advice.

3: Best Bodybuilding advice.

4: Best Strongman advice.

5: Best Cardio advice.

6: Best Female Specific advice.


1: Phill. He uses his real life experience and knowledge he's gained over the years from reading in his posts. He's gone through a ton in life and has never missed a step contributing to these forums.

2: Goldberg and Big Martin. But they're gone. If you get a chance search for them.

3: Professor X. Straight forward posts when it comes to training. His ideas are easy to apply to anyone who workouts. Keeps it simple. Too bad a lot of people like to over complicate things because they can really learn a lot from him.

4: No Clue!

5: No Clue!

6: No Clue!


well for strongman advice id say brad cardoza, theres one other dude with good advice, but i forget his name. for cardio advice... does anyone on here do extensive cardio? i guess triGWU would be best, road to Kona, thats some tough stuff. as for female... go to the t-vixen sorority.

  1. Vroom as far as that beginner's thread and simply keeping some threads on track (when he isn't derailing them).

  2. randman. Blatant and straight forward. No bullshit.

  3. Phil. I disagree with some of what he says (sometimes his entire approach) but he put the time in and has personal experience to share.

  4. Rainjack. He's an asshole, but he's been doing this long enough to have solid experience and I respect him.

  5. Mustafa. Way too nice, but very knowledgable.

  6. I would say "Zeb", but we hate each other even though every once in a while, he will accidentally write something really brilliant. I have concluded that this is when he is asleep and his wife is using the computer.


1: Best Diet advice.Tampa-Terry- always spot on with helpful advise

2: Best Powerlifting advice.Jackass, Big Martin and Goldberg-real world experience, no bs answers.

3: Best Bodybuilding advice.Deinitely Prof. W for gaining mass not sure if he know BB dieting as he is always bulking(please don't squash me X)

4: Best Strongman advice.-Brad Cordoza puts his money where his mouth is. Machine AZ is pretty good too

5: Best Cardio advice. TRIGWU- ask a triathlete.

6: Best Female Specific advice.Gojira, Jilly, AG1- they are all good


I should also add:

  1. Angelbutt. I think that's a girl. If so, I am very impressed with her knowledge base as far as nutrition.

  1. Prof.X: analytical, straight to the point, simple advice... He walks the walk.

6i. Gojira: simple advice, wicked sense of humour and not afraid of anyone.

6ii. Jillybop: Mother who takes the time to better herself. Always willing to help others. And the "Mrs. Robinson" reference was a beauty.


why me?
who the hell knows really....



This would explain sooooo much


OK tough to narrow it down

1: Best Diet advice.
Tampa Terry just solid info and patients big time

2: Best Powerlifting advice.
Id have to say Big Martin, not only giving direct advice and being cool about itr had a hell of a log to follow

3: Best Bodybuilding advice.
I have to go with Pro. X here. Like he said we dont always agree on everything or even a lot sometimes but his approach in the posts work I think just to many damn people take it wrong and have thin skin. They dont want to here the SIMPLE no bullshit advice they really need. "it cant be that simple" I like the simple go eat shit, lift heavy shit, and GFH approach.

4: Best Strongman advice.
Tough one I am going to go with HOT-AZ Less from the direct advice and more from just the inspriation of the old T-Vixens log and her comp stories etc after all she has battled.

5: Best Cardio advice.
I guess that Uber HUGE ripped Tri-GWU notr my thing but hell he knows it.

6: Best Female Specific advice.
HMM?? Ill go with Jilly. Her log edt experience etc I think is/was a big help.

Dan MacVicker great post and I dont know why but those dam little additions on every post to his name just crack me up

Great guy/poster adding damn poetry and writing out of his damn head on a whim and fitting it into seemingly any topic. That and he sent my mom a shit ton of fresh coffee during her first battle and I had to nab some was good stuff.

Hell golf advice only damn guy asking for golf lifting advice for the most part on the forum and sticking around.

I'll stop there.
Great Thread



Some bulletin boards have a rating system, where you can actually rate a post / poster officially, and hence that poster develops a reputation, which is shown under their name / avatar everytime they post something. It is a pretty useful feature.


I believe all the quarrels and personal feuds here would affect the rating to a significant extent. I wouldn't mind such a feature, don't consider it very useful, though.


The Australian posters seem to be far more
versed in writing sense and making clear points and also their grammatical presentation and spelling is always good. Surely shows something about the educational standards in Australian schools.


This kid is not anything like you say...



Perhaps he's not representative of the Australian users of the forum then. Don't blame me for him posting that.


I don't blame you, why would I do that? I like the Aussies and have spend some good times there. I'll say MANY of the Aussies here posting are great, this kid is a sick fucking bastard.

You wrote>
"The Australian posters seem to be far more
versed in writing sense and making clear points and also their grammatical presentation"

Based on above, your generalization is wrong. I'm also a bit pissed off, so you must give me that...right?

The more I read lately, the more I see this becoming T-Nation........as in


"How's my hair look?...I can't talk to girls.....I don't like my personality.....what job should I get.....how do my abs look....mommy doesn't like my supplements...I want to be ripped.....they are pussies for not fighting....I'd have kicked his ass.....etc. "

This is the majority of the content here now.

Fucking sad.


You forgot the, "Hi, I weigh 135lbs but I can bench press 640lbs for reps!!!! Here's my picture!!!"


1: Best Diet

Angelbutt and Lylemcd when he's around. They actually know what they're talking about (unlike just about everyone else who offers nutrition advice here) and don't look at issues in a vacuum.

2: Best Powerlifting

Hard to say around here, most of the threads are on equipment and I don't know a ton about the latest and greatest shirts or whatnot. The Diablo folks are always helpful.

3: Best Bodybuilding

As much as I hate to say it, X is usually on the money with his posts in this area even if we disagree on delivery.

4: Best Strongman

Brad, MachineAZ, and myself because we've all competed (I'm just starting on that road, hope to be in Brad's position in 10 years) and we use common sense as well as technical knowledge in advice.

5: Best Cardio

Anyone who doesn't recommend long-duration work for anyone but an endurance athlete.

6: Best Female Specific

It's hard to say here too since most female specific advice would be dealing with life issues I'll never have, but Jilly seems to always be there with a good word. SouthernGirl when she's able is a positive force on the boards too.

Good idea for a thread since there's no rating system, though I do agree that personal issues would confound that around here.



The nutritional knowledge is at a good level is pretty much widespread here, its not limited to a few people, with respect.


The kind of bodybuilding, masculine lifestyle and thought process doesn't always trickle down to certain levels though. Some people will never get it.

My mum never would have cared what supplements I took because she knew I was responsible to make my own decisions.

Some of the people who come here and post about probs with girls and taking supps are indicative of having weird parents who have been making decisions for them and they find themselves incapable of making them for themselves in later life.

But this really should be taken to another thread as its an extensive topic and encompasses the influx of 140 lb, 500 lb squatters too.