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Who's Sick of Incomplete Logs? My Full AAS Log with Pic, 3rd Cycle

I’m sick of people starting logs and acting like they are going to keep everyone updated and disappear. I have always wanted to see a FULL log with background information, providing a timeline of progress pics week by week, a no b.s. explanation of any side effects, a 100% honest measurement of weight first thing in the morning, and an interactive O.P. That can answer questions to viewers who might be interested in running something similar but want to see someone else test the waters first. No b.s. isn’t that what a log is supposed to be anyways? That way everyone can see what a cycle does to a man without having to do it theirselves first?

Well I’m going to take you guys on a journey with me if I can get enough viewers & interaction. So hop on the post, tag it and follow along because this is going to be legit.

Well enough ranting about my disappointments from 90% of people’s logs. (There have been some killer logs done before but the vast majority are truly under detailed and ultimately abandoned.


Im 27 years old, 6’4” 211 pounds, without bloat and water, (up to 216 if eating junk food and filling my face with carbs)I have been training since I was 18 years old off and on. The majority on, however My weight and muscle has fluctuated like crazy due to my high metabolism. But if I train steady and eat over 4,000 calories I get fairly stout. If I’m eating junk and not working in the gym I can turn into a lanky string bean in no time due to my metabolism.

When I first started working out at 18 I was a mere 170 something pounds… I told you…STRING BEAN.

The muscle gain and AAS cycles go like this.

  1. training without AAS and going from 18-20 years old; 170 up to 185ish 15% bf down to 10% bf (I would estimate 23-25lb of muscle gained natural.
    I was still a lanky s.o.b. but I had a little muscle and you could tell I was in good shape; pretty dang cut.

  2. 20 years old 185lb. I ran a half cocked, not planned, “gimme whatcha got for sale bro and I will run it” UGL Broscience idiot Cycle.
    It consisted of sustanon 250 2ml a week;weeks 1-8(except when I would miss shots because I didn’t know a single thing about fluctuations in test levels or bouncing my estrogen all over the place from inconsistency)… and 20-30mg of Dbol a week for weeks 1-5
    Im not going to lie, I went on to ultimately regret this cycle and I got hit hard with the sides because of my own personal Down syndrome and trusting the “dealer”. I didn’t even run a single AI or a SERM the whole cycle; or much less have a decent pct in place. I developed SEVERE gyno and my test levels plummeted to that of a elderly woman after the cycle. Along with my tiny grapes for balls(maybe that’s generous; raisins for Balls lol)
    And not to mention my uncontrolled Estrogen level compared to that of a 20 year old skank in heat.
    Needless to say I was a dumba$$. I didn’t respect AAS like I should have, I didn’t even know a fraction of the physiology behind hormone manipulation and setting up a nice cycle and nice pct. So I got burnt, just like I deserved… AAS isn’t something to play with and hats off to the Vets for making it look so easy when the truth is any successful AAS bodybuilder is a straight up rocket scientist I.m.o.
    But somehow I managed to please one of the night juice gods because he granted me 20 pounds of clean meat from that cycle (ended up at 206)It was awesome, I felt like a beast and I didn’t even care I was basically sporting an A cup lolol So needless to say I was done with the juice for awhile until I could meet vets and learn and research and understand some more.

  3. 3 years later, after making a few friends in the gym that were mad scientist with the juice and even being a workout partner with them through numerous cycles beginning to end of pct. Lurking on forums for years. And even going through pre-med at a local college and learning all about human endocrine systems and musculoskeletal systems… I decided to do a cycle for real & Do it right. All with the help of two of my best buddies who were Vets to the game.

It was a straight forward cycle. Weeks 1-12 Test E 750mg a week (250 MWF)
Weeks 1-6 Anadrol (50mg 1-4; 75mg4-6) I know it was maybe a little long of a A-bomb cycle but I handled it well is why I continued.

This cycle was everything I could have dreamed from AAS I went from 200lb all the way to 239 (tried so hard for 240 the last week lol) and my lifts were through a damn roof, along with going up almost two shirt sizes and women crawling to me from every crack and crevice. I can’t explain how good I felt, I know people explain of lethargy and loss of appetite on a bombs but I was eating like a sumo wrestler, 6 FULL meals throughout the day with calories between 5,000 to 6,500 a day ( I was a waiter at a nice restaurant and my gym partner was on the grill in the kitchen lol) Needless to say I loved every bit of it… until I got screwed with fake ancillaries and sugar pills for serms. My flawless pct ultimately wound up consisting on sugar pills for AI and SERMS and my hcg was b.s. wasn’t even a water base it was oil… I couldn’t get my hands on anything to save my life, even went to the doctor and was straight up with the fag and he basically said shame on you, it will be ok in due time.

My balls were gone, my gains withered throughout the next year and a half down to 220 and my gyno was full on Twin Peaks bro. I swore off the AAS until I got something done with my chest.

3 years later and I finally got the surgery for my gyno. Dropped $10K on the leading surgeon in this hemisphere of the world and he was a straight up artist who sculpted me back into the masculine figure that I should have been. Now I have healed from the procedure and have consulted with a world renowned steroid professional about what to take and how to take it; I now have my recipe for my redemption cycle. It’s going to be a quick and precise cycle in which I can stay focused and on top of any sides or situations. Cycle is geared towards lean muscle gains without water and hoping to increase vascularity along with the possibility of toning up some fat.

Week 1-9 Test Prop 150mg EOD
Week 1-5ish (depending on toxicity) Superdrol 25mg
Weeks 1-7 900mg EQ (300mg MWF)
Week1-9 Adex 4ish tabs a week(depending on sides and week 2 bloodwork)
Week 1-9 Nolva 20mg a day( probably overkill and paranoia but I ain’t getting tits again; ever)

I will be eating around 5,000 calories clean with potential for adjustments based on feelings and results.

I will be training 5 days out of the week still working out kinks with my split.

I absolutely BLOW UP on AAS and since I have been de-trained recently with built in muscle memory of me at 240lbs I expect to take off like a rocket with my mass. I’m shooting for an honest 20-25 pounds of muscle with a few pounds of fat loss.

I don’t claim to know it all, I know there are all kinds of things I can change and I’d love to hear respectfully any input you guys have. My cycle will be starting on 6/26/2020 in which I will post up my beginning photo if it seems like I will have sone followers to this cycle. I’m going to post pictures once a week and weigh ins atleast once a week possibly more, but will post any sides as they come up on as frequent of a basis as they come up (hopefully no sides posts lol) I will also answer any questions asked including anything about my gyno.

“World renowned steroid professional”???

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Also, you won’t gain 20-25 pounds of lean muscle. Sorry to break it to you.

20 lbs of muscle synthesis in 9 weeks is ambitious. I don’t think it’s possible but you could proof me wrong haha.
Would be good to have bloods.
Hope your PCT goes better this time. Good luck!

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A short cycle should not include EQ. It is going to take 6-8 weeks for it to clear at 900 mg a week. It also takes a bit to really kick in. Yes it will work somewhat as it builds up, but it 7 weeks isn’t quite at steady state levels yet (it is still building up). Here is a 10 week plot of EQ at your dose. You can see it hasn’t even built up to steady state at week 7.

I would not plan on using 4 mg of adex a week as a starting point. Not sure that is your plan, but start at about 1 mg split a week at most. You can always increase, but be careful.

After a gyno surgery I don’t think you can get it again. Someone correct me if I am wrong here.


Yeah man I’m still new to this board and the rules so I’m not up to dropping names but there are a few guys out there that do podcasts strictly on steroids; and they offer 1 hour phone consultations if your interested in what knowledge they would have about your particular situation and goals. Most AAS users are already going to have all the knowledge and insight for their own personal cycles, but for me and some other guys it’s priceless to get opinions about all your cycle questions answered by a “steroid guru” lol

Thanks man I am mainly focused on pct and on cycle ancillaries so I assume it to be completely different. Also why I’m keeping the test modest and using non aromatizing compounds.

Orals turn my body on grow mode so we will see what happens with Superdrol lol

Shoot for the stars and land on the moon, right? Lol

Thanks for that chart man I’m a visual learner so that helps me see it better. Is front-loading EQ out of the question? I wish I could’ve got my hands on the shorter ester it would be completely different chart. Will it hurt anything running it for that short of time? If anything maybe show me how my body will respond to EQ? I think the superdrol and Medium test blast will be very significant for me my body’s receptors are extremely sensitive to hormones.

As far as the surgery and recurrence. I was told the same thing by my surgeon, however upon use of sarms ostarine and andarine I developed the beginning of gyno POST SURGERY. Freaked me out. Must have been the excess testosterone floating around after my receptors were bound from sarms that converted to E2 or potentially prolactin from the ostarine; I have heard that is common. Either way, I ran an aggressive medicinal gyno reversal protocol that I recently learned about and it was amazing how my chest and sensitivity reacted.

I suppose you’re right, I guess. Realistically it comes down to what works for your body, which only you can determine through experimentation. Not by other inputs by members on a forum. For example, if a guy ran Dbol at 50mg/day and blew up significantly, the same may not apply to you.

Lastly, please take a look at the cycle proposed. If that is what a “steroid guru” is recommending for you and claiming a 20-25lb gain in muscle, I’d run the other way. Fast.

The issue with it is the prop is going to clear your system quickly. In 2 weeks you basically won’t have much test in your system, but will have quite a lot of EQ left as the half life is 2 weeks. You are quitting the EQ two weeks earlier, but that isn’t enough to have them both clear and have you ready for PCT at the same time. You are off by about 4 weeks (at least 2 if you are willing to start PCT with more EQ in the system). The issue with starting PCT with high androgens is that recovery will be sub par (the body isn’t as willing to recover androgen production if it has high androgens already).

Very valid points… So say hypothetically if I was to stop the EQ on week 6 and took a hormone panel on week 12, will my test level be super physiological due to the EQ if after my cycle I am cruising at a trt dose that would normally have me spot on “average” if it was that dose of test by itself? Or will EQ become something else in my body not recognized as testosterone by a hormone panel?

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Your right man doing it myself will be the only way to learn how I react. Dbol worked pretty well on me but no where near anadrols ability to induce protein synthesis.
Sorry if I made it sound like he claimed me to get 20-25lbs; that’s my personal goal. he merely hooked me up with knowledge about a good non aromatizing cycle with my current situation and answered my questions on frequency and dose and my 100 “what ifs” lol
I’m getting a scan done at my local gym tomorrow morning; it’s similar to a dexa scan in which it tells you your fat mass to muscle mass and I’m entitled to one of those per month so I will post the beginnings and the ends along with the middle. I think it will be cool for everyone to see an actual factual scan and image versus what “bubba” said his scale read in the morning and him swearing every pound gained is lean muscle lol

It isn’t if you’re willing to inject grams of EQ, otherwise yes.

If you are on TRT or cruising, then EQ can make sense. I don’t understand the cycle if you are on TRT though. I don’t see much gain in using short esters unless cycling and going back to natty after. I also don’t see much gain in doing a short cycle if on TRT? Why not just run Test C or E and the EQ for 14-16 weeks? You could use a bit less, but be on a bit longer as you are not worried about shut down.

No worries. It seems like you want to grow A LOT, correct? Especially since you’ll be consuming ~5000 calories? I’d run ol’ reliable - test, dbol, and deca. Of course, that won’t generate anything in terms of vascularity - just wet gains and a lot of bloat. You’ll get some quality mass! However, after that, you could run something to lean you out. Just things to think about I suppose.

With EQ you have to be careful. By 6 weeks you’re probably only just starting to see the benefits.
900mg/wk you risk getting hit with a brick wall, of high blood pressure and extreme anxiety.

Can it work? Maybe, maybe not. You won’t know until you try, but because EQ takes time to build up, it also takes along time for any negatives sides that develop to decrease.

Steroid guru’s. They will probably tell you what works for them. The problem is they don’t seem to realise that not everyone is going to have the same response as they did. One guy takes a substance and has no hair loss. Another guy does the same amount , and starts losing masses of hair. If something goes wrong these guys probably won’t be able to advise you on what to do, to fix it.

You’re spot on. Between the Adex and Eq @countryboy54 is gonna be hurting for some E2. It’s already been said enough but this is improperly laid out with the EQ regimen being so short. Hell, maybe your experts are on to something we don’t know about. Let us know how you feel 4 weeks in.

The op seems receptive to others opinions, so IMO it’s worth saying twice.

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