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Who's Seen Black Swan?


I saw this last night. Aranofsky at his best. Some weird trippy shit in there as well (think 'the fly'). Anyone else?


Havn't seen it, but heard the was a pretty hot lesbian scene with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.


I really want to see this, but I can't convince my movie-going buddies that it's anything more than a ballet movie. The lesbian scene between Nat and Mila should do the trick...


I'm watching it, NOW


hot lesbian scene is hot.

ive seen it and i can understand how people say it was such a great movie, but personally i thought it was terrible. im not a very artisticy person which i think is where it lost me, because i just never knew what was actually going on, thus not liking the movie.


Dude the lesbian scenes are hot. There are two other scenes where she plays with herself as well. The only thing is that the directory fucks with your mind at some point during each one. Honestly there are a lot of 'boo' moments and a lot more 'what the hell is going on and why is this so creepy'.

its' not really about ballet it's about obsession and madness. or that's what I thought


I saw this with my sister last month and I was totally not prepared for it. It was creepy as fuck.



Have seen it, great movie.

First off, the dancing is good. I know nobody really cares, but I was really impressed Portman could carry that off.

Second, I really like the way Aronufsky physicalizes the stress Portman's character undergoes. Not just the weird trippy shit she sees that nobody else does, but the way the madness manifests itself in the weird scratches and damage her body takes and the way her bodyweight goes down during the movie.

Aranousfki does a great job at making me like the rampant douchebaggery that is the director. He's lecherous, cunning, but ultimately driven by a level of artistic brilliance that makes up for his many flaws. I was rooting for this character the entire time.

I loved the weakness of the main characters mother. Her vulnerability. We never find out what she does, but we understand she intimately wants Portman's character to succeed, which makes her ultimate rebellion even that much more outstanding.

Portman seems waifish and easily-taken-advantage of. You know you like it.

All-in-all, I enjoyed the movie. Best of Arinooksi and Portman. Go see it if you like movies.


Yeah, its not really that much of a date movie.



That's why I want to see it (well, that and the g/g scenes). The gang I usually go the movies with can't get past the ballet aspect of it, no matter how much I try to persuade them that it isn't a ballet movie per se.

I guess the hardcore ballet enthusiasts are going to be in for a nasty surprise.


ROFL! Harsh, but hilarious.





Excellent review. Makes me want to see it even more. One small detail though: you kept misspelling the director's name. It's actually Aaron Tchaikovsky. He's going to direct the sequel to X-Men Oranges: Margarine


looks horribly gay, and this is coming from a guy that watches Sex and the City


Are your friends so insecure that they won't go see a movie where there is ballet in it? Tell them to get over themselves and go see it. Or just go see it with someone else or by yourself. I thought it was a top five movie of 2010.


Less insecure, more assuming that it's a dance movie and their not being interested in ballet.

If I go to see it on my own, I'm liable to get into an argument with some idiot behind me who talks or shakes the back of my seat because they're using it as a footrest throughout the whole thing and can't sit still for two hours (because floors aren't good enough for resting feet on). That tends not to happen if I'm with someone. I hold back so as not to embarrass them. If I'm on my own all bets are off. Especially if they act like they have free license to disrupt the movie when everybody paid the same admission. Drives me nuts.


most fucked up movie ive seen in awhile


Seen it. Fine movie.
The director really what he's doing, cause the movie works well in many regards.
Characters, script, making sfx work in such a small production etc it's all really well made.

If you're not interested in ballet, drama, psychological thrill that borders on madness, you get your ticket's worth through some very nice display of female friendship :wink:

I still have to see that wrestler movie. It's said to be the male counterpart of Black Swan.