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Who's Right, Me or My Idiot Friend?


My friend and I are having a pretty heated argument about strength training. We're wondering who would be stronger at a certain point of motion, with two completely different ways of training.

For example:

Two clones are told to do five reps everyday of as much weight as they can do.
Clone #1 (who is quite handsome I might add) does his repetitions going all the way down, lets say they're doing the bench press.

Clone #2 (who is also quite handsome) is only going down half way. 6 months go by and both are asked to do five repetitions from the half way point. In your opinion who could do more weight?


How bored are you guys?


How this turned into a heated discussion is beyond me.


clone #2 is the obvious answer, since you added that clone #1 was "handsome", i'm guessing you're the idiot


the answer: slit clone number one's fucking throat


Congrats on killing that cheese-steak, I just saw the Man V Food guy do it, that thing looked ridiculous. I figured I might as well turn this thread into something productive.


this thread needs some ass, or some tits... or something


Thanks, man. I won't be doing it again, lol.


Am I the only one that wants the clones to make sweet,sweet love?


still need tits 'n' ass
before /thread




now clone her and re-start thread



THANK YOU ERIC!!! CARLITO sends you his best :slight_smile:


why do people post real problems on T-Nation, when i have a problem i dont think Awww i better post this on T-Nation them serious no ball busting guys will know the answer, makes no sense to me.

(The OP doesn't have a real problem BTW)



Why do some people complain about others posting real problems on T-Nation. Not everyone is from Ireland and can catch a Leprechaun and confide in them.

(^This poster does have a serious problem by the way)


leprechaun catching is fun.


the guy with the biggest dick always wins, and since they are clones, its a tie. end of discussion.


Interweb high five!!

Oh...and fyi, everyone is from Ireland.
My gran told me so after 9 hot whiskies, so it's gotta be true!


Too much weed caused this argument hahaha!