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Who's posts do you ALWAYS read?

Do any of you find yourself seeing someone you recognize responding to a thread and clicking on the thread to see that person’s response?

Who is it?

There are a few people who, when I see they’ve responded to a thread, cause me to open up the thread and take a look at their advice/comments.

Thunder, whose posts are those?
I always look for the gunners:
and a number of others I probably should list out but would have to think for a while.

Whoa; Vizzain listed me twice! Goddamn I’m good!


Many others with good things to say that I will make a point to read if I have time, but 3 those are the ones that usually spark interest.

didn’t mean think for a while meaning I don’t know who they are…just preoccuped w/the sens/devils game right now.

While I’ll read as much of everyone’s posts as I can, I must say that the ones that always grad my attention the most are Timbo, Vain, McDougal, Thunder, and Chad W.

Of course, it’s always nice to see JB and the L-Train pop in on occasion.

Ahhh yess, two more additions left out in haste:

Chris AUS

This is an interesting question because I think I might be one of the few people who don’t really look at the list of people who have responded. I feel like I may be missing out on insightful information from a new user or something.

I usually like to look at Kelley Bagget’s, Marc McDougal, Goldberg’s and Sally from the Valley’s posts. Last one was a joke. Goldberg because he is a smartass sometimes and I got a little smartass in me. His posts usually makes me laugh a little.

My own…I have a split personality. Tee hee hee. Actually its more about the subject than the writer for me. Ciao. :slight_smile:

For a good laugh: Nate rocks!, MBE(where’s he been lately), Goldie always has something amusing to add as well, I love when he let’s the newbies have it.
For solid info: Timbo, CT, Chad, Patricia, Tampa, Thunder
For good video: CoolColJ(keep 'em coming)
For good material: ~karma~(you guys know what I’m talking about)
For a good headache: Fitone(just kidding, fan club member for life!)
I’ve also got to say Cupcake’s quotes are pretty bewildering. Where does he get all those things?

Definitely anything replied to by the T-mag staff gets my immediate attention. I also tend to check out Patricia’s replies since I like hearing more about female success with heavy training. Formerly enjoyed MBE, but he seems to be lost in the ether somewhere. Nate Dog is sometimes funny, but reminds me of the little chihuahua who can’t stop barking at the big dogs from behind the fence… he’s still pretty smart, though. Mainly like to read what the vets are saying and I’ve been a bit depressed lately at the lack of posts on the Dog Pound.

  1. Anything by anyone directly affiliated with T-Mag.
  2. Joel Marion
  3. Timbo
  4. Patricia
  5. EC
  6. Nate
  7. Vain
  8. Marc
  9. Thunder
  10. Norcross
  11. Goldberg
  12. Tampa-Terry
  13. CoolColJ
  14. Machine
  15. MikeTheBear
  16. Loopfitt
  17. Char
  18. Greekdawg
  19. GaryE
  20. Steve
  21. Ko
  22. Groove
  23. Pooh

That’s it off the top of my head. (And yes, I really do read most everything these people post.)

VainInteresting how there are many repeats on the lists, but I guess that’s to be expected.

For myself

  1. Patricia
  2. Timbo
  3. Cressey
  4. Marion
  5. T-Mag contributors (ie. CW, etc)
  6. McDougal
  7. Vain68

Seems like I’m forgetting a few.

Whoa, man (or men). Flattered beyond belief.

I would say the greater majority of the forum regulars, especially those in the DP. Just about any/all of that lot always have something of interest and I’m constantly learning from these people.

It kinda breaks down into my moods. If I need something funny/witty, I’ve got my “usual suspects”. The same with cooking/food/nutrition (y’all know who I read first there smirk) and training related topics. And so on.

Can’t believe I forgot Kelly Baggett. This dude knows EVERYTHING.

MBE, Joel Marion, Ko, Patricia (always worth a look, sometimes you get a pic along with info), anyone part of TM, ----Have to ssy that the list changes depending on the forum. In off-topic, I am hoping for something witty, or at least well thought out. In T&N I look for serious people. Pat is the only one that works both ways.

I don’t really care who posted or replies, all new posts get a peek and if they are boring or even if they are yet another in the “Bush sucks - Does not” series I return to see what the thread has developed into (we all know that what they start as is usually NOT what they end up as…) at a later time. If the thread is interesting (or I have posted to it) I will watch it a bit more closely.

As for “Who” would be a favourite, I would be afraid of missing someone if I made a list but I agree that Patricia’s and T-Mag staff get instant attention…

“Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches”

~ Andy Warhol

I have been in here a short time, but I have picked up a few posters that will get my reads:

  1. Cupcake (anyone else with 3 kids is gonna get my attention).
  2. Patricia (hate to be cliche here, but, as I said in another forum, she looks like Xena, has artistic talent out the kazoo, and can hang with the guys!)
  3. Coach Davies (just to remind myself of what a lazy sack of shit I am)
  4. Coach Sonnon (see above)
  5. ~Karma~ (I am a sucker for cute girls from Colorado)
  6. Several from the “off topic” political threads: US=GG, Lumpy, Dan C, Mage, Rumbach, Kuri, and so on. Whether I agree with them or not, I am drawn to read their posts with the same morbid fascination one has with seeing human carnage at the scene of an accident.

[b]For the T&N Board:[/b]
I generally look at the subject more than the poster. I can generally learn something from anyone and everyone here. If I have a burning question I usually go to the same 5 or six people with a PM because they always have solid advice. (They know who they are and “Thanks”)

[b]Dog Pound[/b]
Again I read by the subject but I generaly read everything posted there.

[b]Off Topic Forum:[/b]
Conversely there are some folks who I usually try to avoid as I tend to disagree with them because our vastly different backgrounds and varying belief systems.

T-MAG Staff always get a read, never know what those silly bastards are going to say.