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Who's Passed Out Before?


Just wondering if anyone has ever passed out for any reason. Or for that matter who has been knocked out. I would ask who has knocked someone out but I know there would be endless replies. I have not but I have come pretty dam close on a few ocassions. Oh... and passing out from drinking doesn't count.


Ive passed out after ergo tests from my rowing days. Id pull the last stroke, dump the handle and collapse. Horrible.

Ive had concussion 2x. Once when i was really young in India - i walked into a pole. Another time when ice skating.


I've been knocked out twice that I recall.

1- 3rd grade swinging from the swings seeing who could jump off at the highest point. My shirt got caught in the chain and I banged my head on the ground. I came to, about 100 ft from where I landed and that's all I recalled.

2- fielding fly balls that a friend was hitting. I misjudged it and the ball hit me on the forehead, knocked me out for a split second by the time I hit the ground I was good and rolled up onto my feet


I've been knocked out. Never passed out for any reason other than alcohol.

I was riding my bike at a "bmx trail" made with plywood, dirt and shovels back in jr. high. I went down a plywood ramp, up a four foot jump and hit the lip wrong.

I'm sure I looked like a tangled mess as I tried to unsuccessfully seperate from the bike and land as gracefully as possible.

The bike and I came down and i hit my head pretty hard. Knocked me out for quite a while I'm told. I had a concussion.

The last thing I remember is riding from my friends house to the field and watching a friend (there were six of us) go through the course.

Supposedly we were there for a couple hours before my accident, but I don't remember any of it, the trip home (helped along by my friends) or the trip to the hospital when I passed out again at home.

I remember the doctor shining a light in my eyes and instructing my parents to wake me me up every 30 minutes for two nights in place of an overnight hospital stay.


Knocked out once in bjj. Bit frightening, came close a few times before but actually getting knocked out I couldn't help but wonder if I was about to die.


I passed out when my son was getting stitches. It was the day before his second birthday and he had split his forhead open jumping off a bed. He had three men (my husband included) holding him down and the kid ripped free twice. (My son is huge.)

The whole time he was screaming at me to help him. I've never had an issue with blood, but it was just too much for me. I went out into the hallway to get a drink and everything went gray.

I managed to take out a nurse on my way down who had tried to catch me. She commented later that I was heavier than I looked, ha ha.


I had a mishap with some poorly dosed medication a few months ago. I got up in the middle of the night, stumbled into the bathroom because I thought I was going to be sick, then everything started going dizzy and black, so I stumbled out again.

I was yelling for my husband the best I could, and must have sounded desperate because he jumped out of bed and caught me just before I crashed headfirst into a full length mirror. Yikes.


Only in my bed!


Been knocked out. Fell through an improperly secured cat-walk and nailed my chin/lower jaw on the hand rail.


I have vasovagal syncope, passed out a few times with blood draws or IV stuff.


I have never passed out nor broken any bones.

More sprains than I can count, and a few concussions, but no black outs.

Ive been in 2 car wrecks, a motorcycle accident, played sports for as long as I can remember and climbed/jumped off of plenty of buildings when I was doing the parkour thing.

Guess Im just really lucky.


Years ago I got up in the middle of the night to take a piss and never made it back to bed. I woke up in the bathtub in the morning.


We used to do this dumb thing at school where you grabbed your ankles and hyper ventilated then held your breath and stood up against a wall, then had a guy push on your chest 'til you passed out... Seemed like a good idea at the time...


I almost passed out once, had some funny sauce (NOT that funny sauce damnit!) with the pasta and started sweating like a marathoner, could barely see or stand but was still conscious. Was really freaked out because I hate pitstains.


A kid at our school died doing that


3rd Grade: While playing tag I tripped on a cement block and hit my head on another cement block.

11th Grade: I bombed the largest hill in town on my longboard and got to around 45-50mph. Everything was good until I turned a corner and unbeknownst to me speed bumps had been put in the road a few days prior.

I only remember seeing them and thinking "Holy shit." My chin hit the pavement and knocked me out cold. I lay on the road bleeding for about 15 minutes until some guys in a truck found me and took me to the hospital.

I was out for about 40 minutes after hitting the ground. I woke up just as they were putting my stitches in. My shirt was literally soaked in blood.

Now I have a nice big scar all across my chin.


You did that too huh?

I've also been choked out while doing submission grappling. Really weird feeling, I don't really even remember feeling like I was going out. Just all of the sudden I was staring at the ceiling with a couple of the guys asking me if I was alright.


About a month and a half ago I went out with some buddies... got more drunk then I've ever been.. spent the next day hungover and didnt eat anything.. decided to goto mcdonalds.. was standing waiting for my food and then I started to feel weird.. I fought it for a bit and then completely passed out.. on my way down I smashed my chin on the counter..

I woke up bleeding all over the floor and not sure what was going on


1 Frosh year of HS Knocked out in a football collisions X2

3 Senior year of HS Passed out from heat exposure.

4 Choked out during Submission wrestling

5 Knocked out during Mui-Thia Fight.


Dropped on my head during a rugby game this summer. Passed out for under a minute and had a mild concussion afterward. Fun day.