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Who's on Smolov/Smolov Jr.?

I’ve been running Smolov (including the intro cycle) for squat and Smolov Jr. for bench since March 18th. Currently working off 375 (90% of 415 max) for Smolov and 280 for Smolov Jr. I just finished the intro cycle for Smolov, and completed my first day of the base mesocycle today. Tomorrow is the first day of the final week of Smolov Jr. for me.

I’ve been averaging betwen 3,500-4,000 calories on training days to ensure I can maintain recovery within both programs.

Is anyone else running Smolov right now? What should I start expecting as I progress into the later weeks? Will continuing to run Smolov Jr. alongside Smolov become counterproductive despite being able to do one in the AM and one in the PM?

check out this thread:


Its been going on for a while and tons of smolov information.

Hah, thanks for that. I had a feeling there was a thread around, but I couldn’t find it.