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Who's More Mature? McCain or Obama?


Obama calls Wasilla 'Wa-silly'. He also refuses to admit that he was wrong about the Surge. These all point to a sophomoric personality.

On the other hand, McCain loses his temper easily.

So, which one is it?


Well, if you believe Barry's birth certificate then it would have to be McCain. Oh wait, maybe you were talking about mental maturity.



McCain endured torture for five years.

Barry whines about people who criticize him.


Which flavor of Surge was BO wrong about? Really, I'm surprised. He doesn't look like he works out, apart from some light cardio.


Oh did I lol when I realized wtf you were talking about...

One will attempt to talk to his not-quite-yet-enemies and one refuses to. On the other hand, one wants to take my money and give it to other nations, and one understands that that is complete bull.

I'm torn.


Obama: Surge Succeeded But Too Costly

Apparently he likes Surge, but he thinks it's too expensive.

According to BO, "Surge worked 'in ways that nobody anticipated' but at enormous cost."

Good or bad for Biotest?

(Really, I was just making fun of Headhunter for capitalizing a word in the middle of a sentence.)


Huh? Which one would that be?


So you can call me a fucktard but I can't call BHO Barry?

For those that missed it, FI26 called me a fucktard for calling BHO Barry and asked if I still call Muhammed Ali Cacius Clay. I am not sure why he deleted it?


The one who wants to make a major increase in America's foreign aid and UN contribution. The other one doesn't, as far as I can see. Am I wrong?


Foreign aid and UN contribution are pennies in the bucket as far as the federal budget is concerned. Spending massive amounts arming "democratic allies" and rebuilding "failed states" is much costlier.

And McCain will be doing plenty of both. The two candidates are much closer on policy, especially foreign policy, than either the Obama worshipers or Obama demonizers would care to admit.

Edit: good bit from the American Conservative on this -

"While partisans focus on the supposedly seismic gap that would separate an Obama presidency from McCain�??s, reading Freddoso and Welch together makes clear that the two presidential candidates have plenty in common.

Both candidates see �??cynicism�?? as the problem, with government as the all-purpose solution. McCain�??s national-greatness conservatism is the flip side of Obama�??s messianic liberalism. They are the ones we have been waiting for, from Des Moines to Darfur.

Obama and McCain agree on expanded taxpayer-funded embryonic stem-cell research, campaign-finance reform, a costly cap-and-trade approach to reducing emissions, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and maintaining the current high levels of legal immigration.

Until McCain flipped before his second presidential bid, they both opposed the Bush tax cuts. They agree, with some nuances, on affirmative action and bilingual education.

They agree on an interventionist foreign policy, though they would intervene in different places. They agree on effectively imposing pharmaceutical price controls through Medicare (McCain�??s otherwise honorable vote against the prescription-drug benefit was largely motivated by this concern.)

Even on issues where they disagree, like gun control, they are not always as far apart as advertised�??Obama received an F from the National Rifle Association, McCain a C."



All I need McCain to do is veto spending bills and pick a couple constructionist judges.

Hopefully the Dem congress will keep his war mongering in check.

We're probably fucked on immigration either way.

The other thing that scares me is the fact that McCain is at the end of career. Who says the maverick isn't going to say fuck the base and do what he wants. I really don't know what motivates him.

I doubt it is core conservative values. I could really give a shit about gay marriage or abortion as these are not going to come into play for a POTUS. I just want him to roll back spending. There is a better chance of him doing this than Obama. I also like to see libs pout and claim the election was stolen from them.


Perhaps a good judgment on this could be obtained by imagining each candidate sitting across a table from Vlad Putin. They are discussing some important issue.

Who would you choose? (And no...Vlad is not a choice! :>)


That is dangerously stupid.

Grind their teeth and curse the voter?


Think the system is rigged?

If enough people actually believe that, say goodbye to even the appearance of a democratic republic.


We're not talking about real people. we're talking about whiny little fucktard liberals who just can't deal with the fact that they had their asses kicked.


Palin or Biden. Not kidding. Mostly for lulz.

Between the two? ... That situation with either makes me make a big 'eeeeeehhhhh'. Painful to think about. Bleh.