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Who's More Annoying?


Is it the old Dan or the new Dan?

Please let me know how you tell the difference between the two?

Please use this thread to make all your posts about how much you love Dan, hate Dan, about how funny and cute or how annoying and ugly (have you seen his new avatar...the guy's a pig) you think Dan happens to be.

That way all the other threads of the slightest interest (of which there are so few anyway) will not be contaminated with your inane pusillanimous comments?


I hate Drunk Dan. That stupid fucker gets that silly grin on his face and then he wants to pinch your nipples. And then he gets all upset when you pinch his in return.

Gay Dan is quite a riot. You should see the pics of him trying to hook it up with me during the Test Fest.

Bastard Dan is just a funny bastard.

Dan Fouts is a TV sportscaster.

He sure does think he's a handsome devil, and he thinks he's cool because he's so tall. For some reason, he thinks all the girls love tall guys. But he's got nothing on me.


Hmmm, let me urinate on this for a while. I mean ruminate.



Well, my observation is thet the old Dan- BFG- was like a comical ninja. He would slink in under the cover of darkness, then eviscerate you with funny.

Then new one is more like an honorable warrior of humor. He engages you face to face and demonstrates the innate funniness of human nature, leaving his opposition in stitches.

This is supposed to be good nature ribbing, right?


No...I think the guy is a dickhead and I'd just like to state that for the record.


Bill Cosby was funny, Blossom was funny, Gary Coleman was hysterical.....what you talkin about Fouts...now that would be funny.


He's OK. I'll probably be going to the Tate Woodland seminar with him. Look for me, I'll be the one with my ass cheeks duct taped together.


Hey DAN! Better GET IN HERE AND BUST SOME SHIT UP. For some people that get annoyed by Fouts might mean they have no sense of humor. Or maybe they are just plain normal (Yuck) Never the less I have to comment on how educational this thread is. Just kidding Roast The Dan's. HA HA HA HA! POLE SMOKERS!


When is this seminar?


Found it March 18-19 Woodland, CA hell I'll try to make that one. Maybe I will see ya there.


"Blossom" ??????

WTF, were you once a teenage girl?


And this coming from a Fouts lover...you sexist, misogynistic idiot....Blossom was a bloody genius....the Cybill Shepherd of her genre.


i doubt that duct tape is gonna be enough to keep Dan away from your sweet, sweet glory hole.


Yes he was and darn cute too. Especially when he wore her/his hair up.

BFG is a dangerously witty internet asassin. Dan Fouts is a used car or a politician and Dan is the guy in love with Will Heffernan.


I do believe Teflon is in order.

Introducing NEW Teflon Butt Plugs.

Have you ever been in the raping proximity of a homosexual? Have you ever dropped the soap and said, "aw shit, here it comes" in fear of your escaping manhood? Well, the Teflon Butt Plug is for you!


"Yes, I was a roommate of Dan Fouts and I thought my ass would never recover from repeated gluteal insult. Thanks TBP!!"


The sooner all people realize this, the sooner we will end world hunger.


You may want to reserve a concession stand and sell them in bulk. Idea?? Raise the price on day two.OOOOAAAHAHAHAHA


Well now that you mention it, after that dilfdo thing on the tilf thread, I was a bit jealous of his flirt skills, and went on a rampage at the local orphanage. A bunch of little Oliver Twist sonsabitches went nuts on me with with putting irons.



One way or the other, the Fouts that "graces" this site has neither the cool beard nor cannon-like throwing arm of the original Dan Fouts... hence, he is a tool.


Well, you know what they say about gay men: 90% of them were born that way... the other 10% just got sucked into it.