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Who's Kicking Butt With New Para-Wkout Protocol?


Right, so who out there is getting a whallop out of the new protocol that Christian and the boys have developed? How many give it a 10 out of 10, and how many naysayers do we have?

If you have been using it please give me an update on your progress or lack thereof.


If you give me the money to try it I will and then fill you in? Wadda say?!


I don't think all the products CT recommends have even been released yet, so I don't see how any could be doing the full protocol.

I've been using FINiBAR, Surge Workout Fuel, and Surge Recovery for some time and have been very happy with the combination.


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Yeah, I'm liking it. Though I'm not using the full protocol as I'm in a semi-fat loss/maintenance stage of my lifting right now. But the flood of nutrients surrounding my workouts is definitely helping. Though I wasn't taking anything pre-post or during before, so could be due to that as well.


I just placed my order for the stuff today to be shipped Priority, so hopefully it will be here Monday. Due to my lack of access to Anaconda and my inability to keep down any of the brands of CHY, I will be modifying it somewhat to look like this:

W-90: 2 caps Alpha-GPC
W-45: 2 FINiBARs
W-30: 2 scoops Surge Workout Fuel
W-15: 2 scoops Surge Recovery
During workout: sip 2 scoops Surge recovery throughout
W+60: 2 scoops Grow!

I went ahead and ordered a 2 month supply of everything and the cost minus the Grow! (since I already have an ample supply) was $356. If this works half as well as the marketing I will definitely use this long term (adding Anaconda in place of the workout Surge and Grow! when it comes out). I will post my results after giving the protocol a try.


link to this?


The second half of my workout has seen some serious strength gains as of late. Just an example off my training log, I am talking about 15-20% increases on all my latter lifts. WRT weight/body comp, so far not much. I used to have about 60g carbohydrates PreWO, but am closer to 230g ParaWO.


I'm not sure yet. I've been having a lot of trouble putting on any additional muscle and that still seems to be the case, although this week felt pretty good.

One thing I've learned is that I can ingest a hell of a lot of carbs peri-workout without any negative effects on my physique. That's something I never would've thought after all these years of being carb-phobic.


Would you like to expand on this modified version for your AAS-using friends? Also I assume you mean protein and veggies for all meals.


I've been using that same protocol with the only difference that I only eat 1 FINiBAR beforehand, so far I'm up close to 10 pounds with no visual increase in bodyfat (the mirror and my pants being the only indicators). I've never given a shit about "the pump", but I have definitely noticed a difference, specially after squatting and my upperbody workouts. The strength gains I attribute them to my own awesomeness and 5/3/1, but stacking Alpha-GPC with Spike is the ultimate igniter (or liquid crack, as I call it)... I wouldn't train without it!


True, thanks for posting what you've been doing and your opinion.


Thanks for chiming in my friend. So big A, I assume you're consuming lower glycemic cho before and after the para-wkout time? I wonder further, could you elaborate on your personal take on the carb/protein used in your para wkout nutrition?

That would be great.

How long have you been on this kick anyway? It sounds like it would easily lend itself to extra fat burning, you mentioned about the less distention of the gut being as a result of less glycogen? How does that work when you are taking in a majority of cho during the day over the other 2 macronutrients? Just curious on that mate. :slight_smile:

IS it related to the aforementioned state of hyperaminoacidemia, and that obviously occurs as a result of this eating strategy of yours? Please explain buddy..

I understand some major extent is due to the PED's, lol, but this sounds good if you're noticing some extra in that area due to said strategy.

Bottom line is I'm intrigued by your post, lol...but when isn't one intrigued by your posts eh? Lol...

Thanks for any further enlightenment my friend.



Ok, lol, I want to ask about your alteration to the protocol, but part of me is on the fence with your last sentence friend. :slight_smile: Good on you to address the window of opportunity for your muscles finally though!!



Yeah looks good. It's a spendy little number. I'm in Bushy's camp of "figure shit out"! Lol.



Sounds like something is working nicely E. How much of the golden proto, have you bastardized ala the clone camp on any of it? Good to hear from you btw my good man!!



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lol do you just not read the main page?
go to CT's forum and read the paraworkout thread


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Have created a version based on available supplements in the UK. Thankfully this now includes Peptopro (casein hydrosylate), which I took delivery of earlier this week. My own version is:

30 mins before: 20g palatinose; 20g dextrose; pinch electrolytes; 2g citrulline malate; 2g beta alanine; 5g creatine; 3g leucine (JB's version of Workout Fuel!)

15 mins before: 40-60g dextrose; 3g leucine; 15g whey hydrosylate

During: 25g Peptopro

60 mins after: 12g whey hydrosylate; 3g leucine

Also protein pulse every morning before breakfast with 3g leucine and 12g whey hydrosylate. May add another as a lunch replacement.