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Who's into Jeep?

Just curious to know, anyone here who is into Trucks? Let say off roading, mud runs etc?
I, myself love’s to modifying trucks. I own a Jeep XJ and it’s my current project truck, my most current mods is a set of bfgoodrich tires and a 3-inch lift kit. I’m getting ready for this weekends mud run. So who else here would like to share some stories and current mods with their rides?

Sadly, I traded my Wrangler Willis Wheeler in for a Renegade last year.

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Dont have a jeep but I bought a TRD Pro 4Runner recently that I would love to take out to test its capability.


These have struck me as somewhat serious off-road vehicles. They appear to be ready to go. but appearances can be deceiving. I’d be curious to hear what real-serious-off-road-guys think of these.

I think what has them limited as far as capability is the IFS style front. It would be cool to have one with a solid axle up front but thats pretty $$$$. Theres an offroad park about 30 minutes from where I live. Maybe one weekend I can take it out but I would like to get some rock sliders and steel skid plates on it first.

I’ve been eyeing a 4runner myself. That and a Durango.

Never ridden or owned a Durango. But this 4Runner is pretty damn awesome

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I got a cute little barbie jeep - she takes all my money and my time, but i luvz her~



'84 CJ7~